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3 Major Attributes Of A Great Resume

great resume

Creating a great resume is one of those things that can trip up even the smartest and most creative women among us. So don’t feel …

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4 Action Steps To Change Careers

Many women don’t realize where their passions are or what their best skills are until they are well into a career. Unfortunately, this can create disappointment and …

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4 Strategies To Help You Get Hired Sooner

Searching for a new job is hard work. So much so, that even getting an interview can seem like a full-time job in itself. And, usually, the higher the position and pay, the longer it takes to secure the right one. Even though you consistently send out resumes, it doesn't mean that you will land your dream job in a timely manner. I happen to believe there are some key things you must do if you want to get what you want. Here are my top 4 strategies to help you get hired sooner.

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4 Tips To Climb the Ladder of Success Faster

In this competitive day and age, you should be thankful to have gainful employment at all. That said, it's normal to have aspirations of better positions, pay, and skills. Unfortunately, though, opportunities to advance rarely just fall out of the sky. It takes some attention to detail and savvy skill on your part to get ahead in your career or business. If you are looking to progress in your professional life, these 4 things may help you climb the ladder of success faster.

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4 Savvy Business Tips To Hire The Most Talented People

Small businesses only become big businesses when they have the best employees. Okay, so there is more to it than that, but good employees make a massive difference. Think about it for a second. They are the people who do most of the work, so the company plows forward without a hitch. You might be the boss, but you need quality performers if you want to succeed. For that reason, you only want the best. However, there is a lot of competition, plus finding the right ‘fit’ isn’t always easy. Here are 4 savvy business tips for getting the most talented people on your team!

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