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3 Major Ways To Enhance Your Health And Wellness

Emotional and physical well-being are pillars that hold up our ability to do the things we love and ultimately be happy in life. Because of …

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4 Ways To Effectively Relax Without Taking A Vacation

Though I would guess most women enjoy taking vacations, they are not always possible due to time or money restrictions. However, even if you cannot …

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5 Top Stress-Busting Actions You Can Do Today

How do we take back control of our lives and put stress behind us? I just had an 1.5 hour conversation with my integrative doctor about this very topic. Stress is a killer...literally. Managing stress levels goes a long way to help your life, specifically, your physical and mental health. The fortunate thing is that simply making a few small changes to your lifestyle will help curb stress and the body's response to it. Though I could talk about this topic for much longer, here are 5 top stress-busting actions.

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5 Qualities Of Independent Strong Women

Each woman is unique, but I have noticed some distinct similarities among the strong women that tout "I am woman, hear me roar!" One thing apparent to me is they didn't achieve this state by living a sheltered and perfect life. No, they went through some shit...and they conquered fear, rejection, doubt, co-dependency, and many other not-so-pleasant things. If you've been playing around the banks of women's strength and independence, here are my top 5 common qualities that you can adopt today!

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