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A New Friend and Myths about Men

There are a number of myths out there floating around about guys and gals ~ usually perpetuated by members of the opposite sex. Some have a bit of rooting in fact, while others don't. Here, I debunk a few myths about males.

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Sexual Health: A Woman’s Right

Recently, I posted a couple of articles on women's sexual health - not a complete series by any means. So, I thought it a good idea to throw a couple more points out there on the subject. It doesn't get much more girlie than talking about vaginas. The following article is a guest post by Vanessa Scott, a former vaginal surgery consultant who knows her stuff. We'll just call her the Vagina Expert, for now.

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Get Your Sexy Back

Are you wife of.., and mum of…, and are you spending your days in jeans and t-shirt behind the computer at home? Can you pass a construction site without anyone eying you or commenting on you anymore? Do you find your make up dried out in the back of a drawer? Then it is time to get your sexy back.

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Women’s Low Libido: Headaches and Chronic Pain

Since our focus this week is women's sexual health, I thought it necessary to bring up the fact that countless women deal with chronic low sex drive. Though we actually want to engage in sexual activities, sometimes the body just won't cooperate.

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Brain Health Evaluation

I recently did a post on memory loss and since decided to pursue ways to bring new health and life to my brain; it seems like a smart thing to do considering the alternative of chronic forgetfulness and even loss of brain cells. This trek that I'm on started with an evaluation of all the things that I did in my 20s and 30s when my mind seemed to be more like the proverbial steel trap than the bucket of mush it is now.

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