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Get Your Sexy Back

The following article is a  guest post by Suzanne from Without Dash.  We have become friends via our blogs and share many values and passions in common.  She was gracious to lend us this piece she did on rekindling your sexy vibe – a topic that fits wonderfully with this week’s series on women’s sexual health.


Get Your Sexy Back 

By Suzanne

Are you wife of.., and mum of…, and are you spending your days in jeans and t-shirt behind the computer at home? Can you pass a construction site without anyone eying you or commenting on you anymore? Do you find your make up dried out in the back of a drawer? Then it is time to get your sexy back.

Being sexy is essential to being a woman. Taking care of yourself and loving yourself are much more important than what you wear. Being sexy is about increasing your self-awareness and discovering your inner diva. The way you feel about yourself not only determines your looks, but also your sexual performance. So, this has nothing to do with miniskirts, low cut shirts or a new hairdo.

Change Your Posture and Your Attitude

A Little Trick – Next time when you are doing groceries and walking down the aisle between the chocolate bars and potato chips, straighten up, raise your chin and pull your shoulders back. A great posture will give you a confident look: sexy. Imagine drops of ice cold water running down your spine to the tip of your tailbone. See how you pull your back and buttocks straight? And see how you can look and feel sexy instantly?

“No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy.”

Paris Hilton

Dance – Are you home alone, or alone in a room for a short while? Turn on some sexy music and dance like Shakira, Madonna or sing like Katy Perry. With no one around to judge you, let yourself go and imagine yourself in the body of the performer. It might not look very sexy to anyone, but you will feel it and live it.

Sleep Naked – Whether you are single or married, sleeping alone or with a partner, try sleeping naked for once. Have a nice bath or long hot shower before bedtime and put some moisturizer on your whole body before slipping in bed. The sexy feeling might last long into the next day.

Stay Fit – Start exercising to feel more confident. Sports do not only help tone your body, it also works as a natural aphrodisiac, because you are boosting testosterone levels in your body by working out. As a bonus your self-image will improve as your body is changing. If you are really not into running and cycling and other fast exercises to get that blood pumping around, try slow movement exercises to build strength, like yoga or pilates.

Show Some Personality – Flirting a little does not harm anyone. Do you still have it? Relax, give a few compliments and show your confident self. Make sure that you are not too serious about it yourself, then you will not disappoint yourself. And know to stop when you have reached your limits.  Positive attention from a stranger who you probably won’t meet again can give you a great boost. And perhaps you are doing the other a favor as well.

No More Buzz Kill – Last, lay off the libido killers. Alright, you can’t really lay off the greatest libido killer for women: the kids. But you could get a babysitter and enjoy a day as a woman rather than a mum. Try to get more rest and try to cut down on coffee, sugary drinks and foods, and alcohol.

 “Nobody thinks of themselves as sexy, really. Some days you go, ‘Hey, I’m not going too bad today.’ But if you try and be sexy, you’ll never be sexy.”

Jennifer Aniston

Be confident and feel sexy. If you can feel it, others will too!

Please visit our friend Suzanne at WthoutDash for more interesting and helpful articles for women.  She has a knack for getting her point across with clarity and intelligence.  Be well-be beautiful.

Photo by Rama17wardana

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  1. Suzanne, thank you for the incredible tips. It’s so refreshing to hear advice about being sexy that doesn’t include how to lose two dress sizes in two weeks. I also truly appreciate your focusing on how a woman will be sexy when she feels sexy and self confident. Great post!

  2. Thank you Kellie for your praise.

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