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5 Types Of Common Face Wrinkles And What To Do About Them

Though face wrinkles are a natural part of aging, it doesn’t make it any easier to see them staring back at you in the mirror. …

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6 Areas To Focus On To Look And Feel Younger

With the beauty industry tipping the scales at a global value of over 550 billion, it’s no joke that women spend some big bucks to …

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3 Ways To Get The Best Skin Ever

A good skin care routine is essential if you want to look healthy and slow down the signs of aging. It’s especially important in the …

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3 Common Places Where You Need To Clean Up Your Beauty Regime

With the number of beauty products most of us women use, if we are not careful, we could literally be poisoning ourselves. The vast majority of woman turn a blind eye to this fact because they love their products and what they do. That said, some of us are a little more leery of all the mysterious compounds that end up in everything from shower gel to foundation. I want what's best for my health and that of others, so you better believe I'm going to tell you to clean up your beauty regime!

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3 Savvy Ways To Get Smokin’ Hot And Ready For Summer

Is anyone else in the Northern hemisphere over winter already? Well, those dark mornings are starting to get a little brighter; we are in the home stretch to Spring and Summer. You know what that means? Yeah, it's time to start thinking about getting you body ready for warmer weather. This is the perfect time to focus on self-improvements like fitness and health, and, of course, you want to sport that smokin' hot body for summer. Here are some savvy tips that you can start today!

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