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3 Common Places Where You Need To Clean Up Your Beauty Regime

This post was a collaboration and may contain affiliate links. With the number of beauty products most of us women use, if we are not careful, we could literally be poisoning ourselves. The vast majority of woman turn a blind eye to this fact because they love their products and what they do. That said, some of us are a little more leery of all the mysterious compounds that end up in everything from shower gel to foundation. I want what’s best for my health and that of others, so you better believe I’m going to tell you to clean up your beauty regime!

Let’s start with the fact that there are some chemicals that lace everyday products that may be making you sick already. Any irresponsible manufacturing partially happens because of the beauty industry not being as strictly regulated as others are. Know that you can be aware of what you’re putting on your body. To know which products to ax from your life, check out the Cosmetics Database here. Everyone knows that beauty has a price, but it should never cost you your health. Take a look at the labels of all your products in these 3 areas and see how you can clean up your beauty regime. 

Clean Up Your Beauty Regime #1: The Shower

Shower products such as body washes and shampoos can all contain a multitude of questionable chemicals that can damage the skin. Not only that, but they can also be toxic to your internal systems. Just because you don’t eat or drink it doesn’t mean it doesn’t get into your system. Additionally, chemicals can also be coming from the very water you bathe or shower in. You could unknowingly be bathing in and breathing chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and the by-products of different types of metals. This can cause damage to your skin, scalp, hair, and your body systems. I highly recommend installing a water filtering device like a Berkey shower filter. If you don’t filter, take short showers and try to keep the temperature down. 

Clean Up Your Beauty Regime #2: Skincare Products

Skincare products are meant to improve your skin, right? What if I told you that because of toxic chemicals, they may actually be doing more harm than good? For example, Propylene Glycol is a compound, commonly found in moisturizers and sunscreens, that has been linked to painful conditions like dermatitis and hives. If you already suffer from these types of skin conditions, be extremely careful about what you use. Look purposely for skincare designed for sensitive skin. See a dermatologist if things don’t improve after switching products.

Clean Up Your Beauty Regime #3: Hair and Nail Products

Part of the fun of being a woman is getting dolled up with immaculate hair and nails. However, doing so can cost more than you are willing to pay. Toluene is a petrochemical, a potent solvent, commonly found in nail polish and hair colorants. As well as being a skin irritant, it can also cause more serious health issues, such as respiratory problems and immune system toxicity. It will serve your health to research cleaner products that give quality results. There is a wide range of beauty products available online and in your local health market. Here are some of the best non-toxic nail polish brands out there.  For safer hair color, ask your hair stylist to use a cleaner line on your hair.


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