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4 Simple Ways To Feel And Look Younger

There comes the point in every woman’s life when the first signs of aging show up. Perhaps it’s a few glistening gray strands, or those …

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Can’t Consciousness

Today, I extend another invitation to you and to your spirit. It is about taking a journey into your mind and being introduced to the great power that resides within. The invitation is for you and your spirit separately because I would like you to pay attention to the separateness and to begin to acknowledge how often we do act in separation. Ultimately, our goals are to live in this world united in all aspects of our being – when we do that, we have an immediate sense of wholeness, of creation and an understanding of our full power.

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From Nowhere To Now Here

It is so interesting how words wrap themselves into meanings simply by the way that they are spelled. Coming as we all do from our own unique inside spaces, how does it feel when you think to yourself of being ‘nowhere’? Does it denote a positive memory or experience or is it more an experience of lack and limitation? Does the concept of ‘nowhere’ evoke a sense of nothingness, blankness in the spirit?

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I Is Also For Intuition

Intuition is really one of those concept words that could, depending on who you are, have multiple and various meanings. To me it is a compilation of signals from body, mind, and spirit that help direct my choices and actions. I consider myself intuitive and usually able to recognize my inner promptings. However, it takes practice and dedication to understanding yourself and your sensitivities. Allow me to define Intuition at its most basic meaning:

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