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The Best Natural Products for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Say Goodbye to Muscle Tension

While undergoing chiropractic treatment years ago, I was introduced to, Formula 303, one of the best natural products I have ever used.  With a boat load of kids at home and the usual “mom chores” waiting for my attention, I found myself often stressed and aching.  It wasn’t surprising when my shoulders, neck, and lower back were all in knots most of the time.  Because I’m sensitive to most medications like muscle relaxers and pain  killers, I was thrilled that there was a safe product to relieve my pain and tension.

This multi-purpose relaxant is suited for children age 12 and up and has all natural ingredients to ensure proper absorption and safety; the mix includes, Valerian Root, Passiflora, and Magnesium Carbonate.  It seems to work best for spasms associated with muscle overuse and strains.  I also find it to be helpful for mild insomnia and times that your world gets a little crazy.  Dee Cee Laboratories also carries a product specifically for tension called Stress Plus.  In addition to the ingredients in Formula 303, Stress Plus has vitamins B, E, C, and Biotin.  For ordering information, go to http://www.formula303.com/ or ask your chiropractor.

Peace of Mind

To reduce anxiety, try Pure Calm, a natural remedy that can be used safely every day.  I used it for years as an alternative to other medications.  This nerve-calming blend of Lemon Balm, Lavender, and Passion Flower keeps your emotions and nerves in balance while giving you a peaceful feeling of well-being.  The company also offers a product for children; a necessary thing to have around with the demands that are put on our kids these days.  For product and ordering information, go to http://www.enaturalremedies.com/purecalm_for_anxiety.htm.

Free Spirit

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy learning about natural ways to enhance life and health.  One of the more fascinating aspects of my research was the study of Aromatherapy. Though the modern term “Aromatherapy” was created in the early 1920’s by a French chemist, this uplifting practice has been around for thousands of years and has been long known for its gentle healing attributes. Aromatherapy itself is made up of all natural products such as oils and plants. That means the possibilities are limitless as this wonderful earth we live on  provides us with everything we need for true health.

The brisk, tangy scent of citrus wakes up your soul with new found energy; lavender gently lulls you to sleep with floral splendor; Frankincense and Sandalwood relax the body and mind, elevate your spirit, and lift depression.  Because most of the oils that you need for practicing aromatherapy are widely available, you don’t have to search high and low for good products.  I do recommend going to a reputable health food store or online distributor, however.  There are different grades of essential oils out there so learn quickly as some of them can be expensive.

Give some of the basic formulas a try and move into more complex mixtures as you get the hang of it.  For everything you need to know about aromatherapy and the healing of the spirit, read Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit: Restoring Emotional and Mental Balance with Essential Oils.  The world of wonderful scents and healing potions awaits you.  Be well.

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