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Three Paths of Gratitude

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Today is the day that I count my blessings and tell you all about it.  Well, in addition to my own thankful attitude, I wanted to share some great posts I’ve come across this week.  As far as me, I’m thankful for all of the incredible opportunities that have flown through my door as of late.  Desires that I had months and even years ago are coming to pass right before my eyes.


The other thing that I’m so, so happy about is the fact that my loving, homeschooled son is here to take care of me after I stepped on some  Duplo Bricks yesterday and rolled my ankle.  I am in the bed, foot elevated, icing, and really not wanting to use the crutches that are mocking me from the floor.  Anyway, enjoy the posts and remember there is always something to be grateful for.


Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!


Gratitude Practices

Because of You

Pause and Ponder



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