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Understanding Your Success Personality Type Part 1

It’s often said that the career steps we take are on a ladder. Each new job becomes a rung, pushing us further and further toward the top. That may be true, but have you considered where that “top” may be and what drives you to it? I believe that we each have a success personality type and varying reasons for pushing ourselves. It’s, therefore, important to understand what our ultimate goal is and why we want to reach it. Here are several ideas I have on the subject as I reveal the first 3 of 6 success personality types.

Understanding What Success Path Is for You

It’s not hard to get sucked into the “be better, do more, have more” trap that drives much of today’s society. After all, showing our success has become an ideal and even necessary to fit into some social circles. Unfortunately, many women get burned out, trying to do it all and be all. I know that finding the right success path is important if you want to keep your sanity along the way.

Take, for example, the Michael Hyatt 2018 goals course, which offers a different perspective than just “keep climbing for the sake of climbing”. Instead, the suggestion is simple: make each year better than the last. Or perhaps take the words of H Jackson Brown Jr to heart, and focus on “doing the little things well”. How you personally define “better” or “well” becomes the critical question. So, as you consider what your success personality type is, choose your path wisely.

Success Personality Type #1: The Money Maven

For some women, success is wrapped up in their money-making ability. Their work may even be boring, stressful, and largely unfulfilling. These money mavens set a priority on the almighty dollar and what it affords them. This success personality has many positive attributes like confidence, leadership, and business savvy but also can have detrimental side effects to health, relationships, and overall well-being. The Money Maven can be so driven to make more money that she ignores all other aspects of her life.

Consider the following questions. If you answer “yes” to them, you are likely a money maven.

  • Could you put up with a job you disliked or found boring, provided you were paid well for it?
  • Do you see money as the source of your passion in life? 
  • Does your career afford you luxury and a way to show success?
  • Do you find sufficient fulfillment in other things besides work?
  • Does the idea of working for free or a lower wage make you uncomfortable?
  • Do you always negotiate when you’re offered a salary to raise your perceived monetary value?
  • Does having luxurious possessions and the ability to travel excite you?

The Money Maven can find joy in choosing jobs that pay her what she is worth. That said, if this is you, try to take some time to assess your overall health and relationships. Your pursuit of higher salaries may be taking a toll on these things. And it can happen quickly and relatively under the radar. Consider striking some balance between owning material things and the beautiful things that money can’t buy.

Success Personality Type #2 The Thrifty Free Spirit

If you were to consider the boundaries and attributes concerning a good work life balance, the Thrifty Free Spirit is about as different from the Money Maven as you can get. If you answered “no” to most or all of the above, you could be a thrifty free spirit. She is way more concerned about experiencing life than spending loads of cash on frivolous things. She is easily satisfied with owning less and being present in her relationships. If she works, it may be to meet new people, serve a charitable passion or to simply enjoy being a part of something bigger than herself. Though this type may have quite the inspiring life, she can also find herself in some money troubles if not careful.

Consider the following questions. If you answer “yes” to them, you are likely a Thrifty Free Spirit.

  • Do you need to make a difference in people’s lives or the world to consider yourself “successful”?
  • Do you consider salary and money a low priority when choosing a job as long as the position fulfills a passion?
  • Are you able to separate work easily from your personal life, not allowing it to stress you out?
  • You feel you thrive more in a role where you can be out and about, ideally mingling with people, rather than just tied to a desk doing something that you don’t consider to be important.
  • Would you rather shop the thrift stores to actively recycle than spend money on new items most of the time?

The Thrifty Free Spirit needs to be out there being herself and shining a light in the lives of others. If this is you, you might find much joy in jobs that allow you to teach, serve, or be creative. Do also consider that there is nothing wrong with being paid for these things. We all deserve to be compensated well for our gifts. You truly can do both.

Success Personality Type #3 The Balanced Babe

Finally, what if you have read through the above and connected with some aspects of both types? This is likely the case with many women. The balanced Babe is perhaps the success personality type that receives the most satisfaction from both money and being a free spirit. She understands that she can demand to be paid for her unique gifts and contribution. 

The Balanced Babe thrives in positions that reward her with a good salary as well as a sense of accomplishment. She might find a high-paying consulting or coaching job extremely fulfilling. This would be a way to help people but also allow her to save money for the future. She might also desire to support a charity or others in her life with her earnings.

I hope these three success personality types have you thinking about what really motivates you to any kind of success. The last three are just as interesting and are sure to strike some consideration in you as well. Look for part 2 very soon!







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