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What Are My Dreams Trying to Tell Me?


Today. I want to talk about dreams.  Everyone has them, whether you remember them or not.  Sometimes they are whimsical and fun; sometimes they are dark and frightening.  Either way, the motion pictures we get to watch while we’re asleep often can be trying to tell us something important about ourselves.

Years ago, I realized that I have an uncanny knack for understanding people’s dreams.  They tell me as much detail as they can remember, and sometimes I can interpret the meaning.  The key word here is “sometimes.”  It doesn’t always just come to me.  And, I’ve been right; and I’ve been wrong.

Consider the Following

1.  Is the dream reoccurring?  (Pay attention to these; they are about something that you need to accomplish or a fear that you need to overcome).

2.  Who is in my dream?  What does that person mean to me?  What do I think about them?  Usually, the person who is most dominant in your dream is the key to understanding an underlying theme or message.  If Aunt Betty is in your dream, and you love and admire her, it’s likely a positive thing that she is there.  On the other hand, if you dream about a cold-blooded killer from your favorite TV program, it could have a more negative connotation.

3.  Am I a necessary part of the dream?  Would it make sense if I wasn’t in it?  Dreaming about ourselves doesn’t always mean that it’s about you.  However, if you are the star; you are doing all the action, then it’s more likely directed to your life.  If you are just watching from the sidelines, pay more attention to who or what else is prominent.

4.  How did I feel while I was dreaming?  What emotions were the strongest?  Did I wake up with residual emotions?  Strong dream emotions can be a big clue to what your sub-conscious mind is trying to tell you.  Fear is fear.  Joy is joy.

5.  What things/places are represented?  Objects, like people, can mean different things to different people.  That is why there is really no full proof way to tell you what a dream means.  If you always went swimming in a beautiful lake when you were a child, and it was a joyous time, dreaming about it is positive.  If you almost drowned as a child, dreaming about a lake could mean that you are avoiding something or are afraid of making a decision.

Common Dreams We All Have

The School Dream – This is one that is reoccurring for me.  I’m always lost, can’t find my books,  am late, or any number of obstacles keep me from being in class.  To me, it’s a fear of being inadequate.

The Sex Dream– To the surprise of most, dreaming about having sex with a stranger or even someone you know is not really about the act of sex.  This is another example of  when it is necessary to determine how or what you feel about the other person.  If you dream about Brad Pitt, think about what the primary word you would use to describe him, ie., handsome, sexy, a good father, successful, etc..  What ever you think about your sex partner in a dream is likely something that you feel about yourself or a character trait that you want to have or want to get rid of.

The Flying Dream –  This is my personal favorite.  I really feel like I’m flying; it’s a freedom like no other.  For me it means that I am taking care of business; I’m making progress in whatever my endeavors are.  For some this dream is quite frightening, especially if they crash land or hit something mid-air.  In this case, it could be a barrier of some sort is in your way to accomplishing a major goal.

Write Them Down

One of the best ways to understand what your dreams mean is to write them down right after you have them.  Keep a journal by your bed and try to wake up enough to jot down some of the details.  If you wait until you wake up, you will forget most of the important facts.  Focus on colors, people, and feelings.  If you start to see common elements and patterns, begin to analyze what they could possibly mean.


There are many books out there that can give you a basic understanding of various meanings as well.  Two of my favorites are Ira Milligan’s Understanding the Dreams You Dream, and John Paul Jackson’s Moments with God Dream Journal.  Though these books are from a biblical perspective, anyone, Christian or not, can glean from the information given.  If you are really stumped about one dream in particular, tell a friend.  Maybe they will think of something that you didn’t.  Have fun learning more about your dreams.  Be well.

*** I have read both of the recommended books and believe that they are useful and relevant to this post.  Because I am an Amazon Associate, I will receive a small revenue if you purchase them through these links.  Thank you.

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  1. Donna,

    You are obviously trying to declutter your life in some way but feel some obstacles are keeping you from doing it. Whenever we are having trouble with decisions, it can show up in our dreams. And, yes, I can relate!!!

  2. I have been pondering this subject alot lately. I have had all of the types of dreams you described except the flying one! My latest reoccuring dream is that I am surrounded by clutter, trash, boxes of papers, etc. and I feel totally out of control – don’t know where to start in cleaning up everything. To complicate the matter, guests are due to arrive any minute!! Can anyone relate??

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