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This week has been one of self-evaluation for me. I attended two health/anti-aging seminars that absolutely shattered my delusional mind-set that I was actually healthy. It's like the denial that comes when you know that you've gained weight but think if you don't get on the scale it won't be true. Well, I was doing that with my state of health.

How Healthy Am I…Really?

The Wake-up Call

This week has been one of self-evaluation for me.  I attended two health/anti-aging seminars that absolutely shattered my delusional mind-set that I was actually healthy.  It’s like the denial that comes when you know that you’ve gained weight but think if you don’t get on the scale it won’t be true.  Well, I was doing that with my state of health.

I know that I’m better than some but worse than others.  But it’s not about comparing yourself to anyone else.  We all have to work out our lives, including our heath and fitness levels, with almost a selfish attitude.  We must choose daily to do the right things for our bodies…no matter what.

At one of the seminars, I was introduced to LiveStrong.com.  I was extremely impressed with the detailed information and technology available at no cost to anyone who wants to be healthier.  Please visit the site; you kind of have to see it for yourself.  Anyway, I am going to use the site to help track my progress in some food and fitness areas.

At the other seminar, I had a scan done that checked the body’s carotenoid level (working antioxidants).  It was not pretty.  A low score means Kellie needs to work on some things.

My Quest: The 90 Day Health Challenge

I have dared myself to be a better example to my family and to you, my readers.  Over the next several months and beyond, I am going to hopefully undo some of the bad habits I have accumulated over the past year since the birth of my daughter.  This self-challenge includes my blogging about my progress and any set backs that I may have.  My goals are the following:

  1. Detox
  2. Lose 10 pounds
  3. Increase Cardiovascular endurance
  4. Increase my Cartenoid score every month
  5. Tone and strengthen weak muscles (especially abdominal)
  6. Reduce headaches (or irradicate them altogether) =)
  7. Create a better healthy lifestyle for myself and my family
  8. Help others do the same

This Week’s Goals

•  First, I need to detox by drinking more good water, getting some colonics, and drinking fresh juices.•  Second, I need to get on some absorbable supplements.  I will share more about this when I start them. 


•  Third, I need to eat more raw foods.


I Dare You To Join Me

I will share a part of my own journey to better health every Saturday for the next 3 months so I am accountable to you.  Please join me in this important quest.  Let me know if you plan to take my “90 Day Health Challenge” so we can support each other.  Be well.

***For personalized help with your own 90 Day Challenge, please contact Donna Martelli, Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox, or Dr. Anca Lamse.

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  1. Kellie,
    This was great! I am going to check out that Web site for sure. You always have such great information!

  2. Count me in too Kellie…..I am very poor at drinkign water. I just can’t bring myself upto that glass of water. Let’s help each other 🙂

    With this post, I have started my first glass of water for the day 🙂

  3. Ok, Kelie, count me in…but I really don’t think I will loose 10 lbs!

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