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What Is Your State of Mind, Really?

Today’s world bombards us with pictures of the perfect life.  Most of which are not even fair to be promoted as ideals – illusions at best.  They can leave you wondering what normal is and what things you should be working toward.  The question, “Is any of it even possible?” remains one of legitimacy.

Knowing Yourself

First of all, we have to know ourselves well enough to answer that question, as no one else can.  The first step is nothing more than determining what is important ot you.  If you are having trouble with this, your state of mind may need a check up.

Depression and melancholy can cause us to neglect ourselves and the process of growth.  Where as a positive mental outlook has the power to carry us to higher levels of joy and victorious living.

Recently, I went off a medication that I’ve taken for chronic migraine and for chemical regulation.  I will say that it has not been easy.  My body hurts; my mind wanders; and what seemed important before is nowhere to e found.  I’m sharing this with you because I want you to realize that I understand a woman’s struggle to make peace with her life and body.  It’s a journey of trial and error.

I have been tempted to restart the medication due to the severe withdrawal and bad feelings.  But….I know that if I want to take the next step of self-growth, I need to know my pure state of mind without drugs.  Don’t worry; my doing without it is not life-threatening in any way.  And, please don’t see this as an example for you to follow.  Going off of medication is a decision that you have to make with your health care provider by weighing out the pros and cons.  I merely wanted to share a part of my journey with you.

The important message is to constantly be on a path of discovery.  You will find obstacles along the way, but ultimately the effort in which you commit will pay off.  Be well-be beautiful.

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