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What Motivates Me?


How fitting that Introspective Sunday showed up as the first post of my second year as a blogger.  As I was “introspecting” myself, I really wanted to get in touch with what motivates me to keep going, to press through difficulties, to see the finish line…if there is one.  The question is really an easy one for me to answer on some levels, but for the deeper issues, it’s not quite as simple.

I know that I am a results-driven person…that’s easy to see; I always get moving with enthusiasm when the fruit of my labor reveals itself.

I also love when someone else notices my effort.  Verbal encouragement goes a long way to crank up action in my world.

Knowing that I have support, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

And let’s not forget about Purpose…it’s the reason, the purist form of motivation.

Let’s take a look at each of these..but first a cool quote:

“The only lifelong, reliable motivations are those that come from within, and one of the strongest of those is the joy and pride that grow from knowing that you’ve just done something as well as you can do it.” ˜Lloyd Dobens


If you are motivated by results, you will find it imperative to keep a journal and make continual short-term goals.  It is this practice that will show you what you’ve accomplished on a regular basis.  Even though I believe everyone would benefit from being anal about the details, YOU (the results-driven go getter) will do more than that; you will thrive!


If only you could just count on this one.  Unfortunately, you can’t.  When you involve the actions of others in your little get-me-going plan, you must understand that it might not work out the way you had hoped.  And when you have expectations like that, you are almost always going to be let down at some point.  Even your biggest supporters…family, friends, associates, etc. don’t know what you need all the time; they can’t read your mind (thank God).

Here’s the good part.  It will come…and usually just in time.  Spontaneous encouragement is the best kind.  It is pure. In other words, you didn’t really do anything special to receive it.  You might say it’s inspired.  It leaves you knowing that you are loved and looked after by Divine forces.   That’s more comforting than your best friend telling you your painting is “interesting” when you know it is just plain bad.

The Support System

Here’s where the family and friends support comes in.  They see your efforts; they know your strengths and weaknesses; they know what happens when you fail…when you succeed.  They are your constant.  In fact, one or more may even be right there with you in the trenches, a running partner, a pal to weigh in with you, a fellow blogger who wants the same things as you…You know they love you no matter what…even if you don’t win this one.  Knowing that you can cry, laugh, sulk, bitch, do the happy dance, and express every emotion known to man and they will be there.  Just go easy on the bitchy part.  Lean on them; they are there.

***One other thing about the support system, don’t forget about the Divine.  God is on your side.  Always.


This is really my favorite motivator. It’s the one thing that checks your heart and sets you on the right road, going in the right direction.  If you know your purpose, you can set your goals according to your present understanding of the plan for your life.  Let’s say that all of those other motivators we talked about are your road map.  And while knowing where you are and where you WANT to go is necessary, it still doesn’t tell you which direction you’re headed or the best way to get there.  Even the smartest, most functional people get lost using maps.  What we all need is a compass…or in today’s terms, a Tom Tom.

My friend, your purpose is that navigation tool.  It tells you exactly how to get there, where to turn (and when), it’s keeps you out of trouble and moving even when you think you’re lost.  Your purpose is something that you’ve had hanging around your whole life even if you didn’t have a clue it was there.  Just to let you know, whether you choose to discover it or not, it will be there whispering, nudging, waiting for you to get a clue.

I like the “he went to Jared” commercial where the guy’s GPS system (a female persona) on the dash starts asking him what he purchased at Jared.  She pretty much demands that he give her (the GPS) the diamond necklace that he bought for his girlfriend. He initially resists.  The end shot is the necklace hanging over the GPS.  My point is:  Your purpose is like that; it will keep track of you and what you’re doing.  And, one day, it will make itself VERY known.  It might even have some requests (the diamond necklace), or demands.

So, in closing, ask yourself what motivates you.  You know the answer…if not, find it.  Be well-be beautiful.

***Not to be considered lightly.  Your connection with God and Spirit is the most important thing you will ever have. 

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  1. I loved this, Kellie. Especially your comment about spontaneous encouragement being pure. 🙂

    Love the reminder that God is on your side, too.

    You are an inspiring woman!


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