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What’s In Your Wake?

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Well, ladies (and gents), I’ve been loving my new apartment with a lake view. It has given me some true relaxing time, staring out at the reflection that somehow always looks more interesting than the real thing.  I’ve been paying attention to a group of ducks that lives by the lake.  They are out swimming, flying, and playing every day.  I’m thankful for the fact that I get on-the-spot epiphanies from nature’s performance quite often.  This week was no exception.

The ducks launch from the lake’s edge frequently. One day I noticed the white raised wake that follows them to their destination.  It’s point is always at their tale.  It then spreads into arrow formation that, as the duck swims, gets wider and wider.  The wake points touch both sides of the lake by the time the duck reaches the upper end (see photo for reference).  And, if the duck stops, it stops and fades away.  If the duck changes direction, it follows him…

My initial thought prompted a nugget: The ducks, doing what they are supposed to do, create an ever-spreading effect on the lake that is totally controlled by their movement.

Application:  YOU and I can live with purpose (doing what we were meant to do) and affect the world with an ever spreading message that we can control by our movements.  I thought it was cool!

So, today, think about what message you want to bring to the world; how you will spread it; how far you want it to reach; and whom you want to receive it.

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!


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