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Why Am I Feeling Down? 3 Common Culprits You May Not Have Thought Of

We all have periods in our life when we feel down and have less energy. If there is no obvious or specific cause, it can be frustrating and confusing. Outwardly things can be going well or at the very least have remained unchanged. Yet, inwardly, we can feel down and out of sorts. If it has become chronic or is interfering with your life you should, of course, seek professional advice and eliminate any serious causes. However, more often than not, it is something that we ourselves can address with simple but effective steps. Read on to discover some of the most common causes of the blues and how to address them.

Social Imbalance

This might mean an excess of either contact or solitude. You might be spending so much time around other people that you feel exhausted or drained, with no time to explore your own interests or identity. Or you may be suffering the opposite. You are spending so much time alone that you have lost perspective and direction. Your problems and concerns all seem magnified and you feel isolated and alone. The key is to establish a balance. If you have been spending time alone, it is not always wise to launch into something as intense as a party or night out. Instead, try to schedule a lunch or coffee with a friend or family member. Then consider hosting a small get together at home, before finally moving onto a night out next time. Introducing some social activities into your daily life can be a great way to feel more balanced, uplifting and connected to others. Similarly, if we are used to spending a lot of time with others, cutting off all contact can be excessive. Simply start incorporating a night in into your week, or spending a lunch time alone every few days. After a time, it might become easier and more productive to be selective with social occasions. By establishing a balance in our social activities, you will often find that you become naturally more relaxed.


Procrastination, inaction, or other forms of not getting things done can be a huge source of feeling down. You may be putting off a task that overwhelms or frightens you, such as cleaning the house, asking for a promotion, or even visiting the doctor. Whatever you are putting off, it is time to face it logically. Identify the reason you have not addressed it. If it is fear, try to research the problem and communicate with others. Fear often rises as the result of feeling isolated or confused, so take some control by improving your understanding. If you’re looking to explore new job options then click this link. If you want to make a change then start researching. If you delay action because you don’t have the time or energy, try to break the task down into small steps, for example. Whatever the reason you are not taking action, try to identify it honestly and then take steps to correct it. Focus on how positive and accomplished you feel after the task, rather than the task itself.

Not Spending Enough Time Outdoors

Many studies indicate that humans need more time outdoors than most of us get. Not only is the outdoors a source of fresh air and essential vitamin D, it also helps us to feel more clear and relaxed mentally. Try to include a walk outdoors in your daily routine such as a commute or lunch break. It can be tempting to flake out indoors after a busy working week, but getting out can often help you feel more energised and productive. I am a nature junkie, so when I stay inside too much, I feel bored and even down. One thing that really helps me is to keep a health journal. Jot down how you feel every morning and at marked times throughout the day. Pay attention to what activities make you feel poorly and what ones energize you. This tracking will take some of the guesswork out of your journey to greater health and motivation. 

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