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The Best Kept Spring Beauty Secrets You Need To Know

Spring is right around the corner, meaning brighter days and a budding sense of new life. Naturally, my mind goes to creating a fitting makeup palette for the season. When I think Spring makeup, I think about subtle pink tones on my lips, a delicate peachy rose finish on my cheeks and lovely wide and long lashes. This makes for a simple, but elegant look. Spring is also a chance to give your skin a little TLC after a harsh winter. I would love to share my spring beauty recommendations and tips.

Time to think about your makeup base.

makeup-brushes-824706_640Springtime is great for toning down the heavier face makeup and creating a more natural look. An even complexion is still attainable without the weight of foundation. I recommend investing in a good BB Cream. With the added benefits of being a moisturizer and SPF, it’s the perfect spring to summer base.

You can spend as little or as much on a BB Cream. It’s important to experiment with different brands and shades to find the right one for your skin. Don’t go for a darker shade, as this could take away from the more natural look.

Also, a good concealer goes hand and hand with BB Cream to cover up any blemishes or impurities that you may wish to conceal.

What about a blush or bronzer?

makeup-1078417_640Highlighting your cheekbones and anywhere that the sun would hit gives off a real youthful complexion. Using bronzer on your cheeks, the sides of your nose, forehead and under the chin will give you this look, but make sure to still keep the application light. You can visit your local Cosmetic store or even watch YouTube makeup tutorials to learn about proper contouring. I would then suggest using a nice rosy blush for your cheeks and a good illuminator for your cheek bones. The illuminator can give you that dewy look and even add a little shimmer. NYX has an excellent selection of highlighting products to take a look at.

lips-468915_640Let’s talk about lips.

A beautiful spring lip calls for peachy, pink and nude tones. Applying lipstick can be difficult, so it’s worth considering a lip liner in the same color to give you a guide, while adding a plumping effect. Nude lips are the hot trend this year and investing in a new lipstick can take you right through the summer. Also a clear gloss will amp up the nude look bringing forth a natural sheen. No good lip would be complete without a winning smile. It’s important to take care of your teeth, so that you have the confidence to smile. To get those teeth squeaky clean visit
toothbrushman.com for some advice and tips.

Flirty lashes can go a long way.

portrait-856125_640Spring is the time to ease off the eyeliner and just focus on those lashes.  A good lash lengthening mascara and an eyelash curler will give the desired effect. Add a touch of gold or pinky eye shadow to compliment your long lashes. This will create a lovely day to day look that will bring the sparkle to your eyes. Go light with the eyeliner application for an evening look that will add definition.

I hope this has inspired you to beautify yourself this spring.

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