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Women’s Life Experience Compared To Men’s

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How different are women and men?

Hmm, not really sure why this question just popped up into my head today; however, I’m going with it. I think there are some women who would rather eat a worm than be compared to men.  On the other end of that pole are those who gladly acknowledge the distinct strengths and weaknesses of both sexes and are grateful for the comparison.  It’s likely that most of us with two X chromosomes fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

As far as our life experiences, I believe that a woman’s is not so different from a man’s in terms of the actual things that happen: love, marriage, children, death, career, friendship, education, etc.. It’s far more likely that the variance comes from the way we each react to a particular scenario.  For example: it’s far more likely that a woman will show her emotions while experiencing a traumatic or an extremely joyful event.  And though it’s perfectly acceptable for both sexes to do this, you just don’t see very many men tearing up when they watch their best friend get married.  The thing is, these differences are hard-wired into our dna.  Men have been the hunters and protectors since the beginning; of necessity they are less reactive to stressful situations.  I mean, what if back then when the guys had to go find food they suddenly started crying hysterically when a big scary bear jumped out in front of them instead of killing it?  I’m just saying…

And, since I’m using hypothetical situations, here’s one starring a woman. What if back then when a woman had to give birth on her own, take care of that newborn without the help of Dr. Spock or new mommy blogs, suddenly just left the baby because she didn’t feel a connection with her?  Not good…  Sadly, this tragedy does happen. Thankfully, it’s not often.

The point to all this is just to be aware of our differences, especially when you’re trying to communicate to the opposite sex. I’m not just talking love relationships here.  We have fathers, brothers, sons, male friends, co-workers, and clients.  Men will always be different from women.  And, we may not ever completely understand each other.  Having said that, I do believe we can do a lot better though.  We need to stop wanting men to be like us; to act like us; to talk like us; to understand emotional things like us; to feel like us.  You get that, right?  We all do it to some degree…I know I do.

So, today’s introspection is this:  How can I improve my relationships with the opposite sex?  How are my expectations getting in the way of good communication?

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