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I was glancing through a prominent women's magazine this morning and had to laugh out loud. I've increasingly seen the "News Flash" or "Breaking News" articles that either say something's going to harm you (when it hasn't ever been a threat) or something's suddenly good for you (when in the past, it was a no-no). I'm confused!

Yo-Yo Dieting Not Harmful???

I was glancing through a prominent women’s magazine this morning and had to laugh out loud.  I’ve increasingly seen the “News Flash” or “Breaking News” articles that either say something’s going to harm you (when it hasn’t ever been a threat) or something’s suddenly good for you (when in the past, it was a no-no).  I’m confused!

I understand technology enables scientists to discover new tests and studies on past issues, but, come on people, this is ridiculous!  The most recent tidbit of breaking news for we women is that yo-yo dieting no longer is a health hazard- really???  I have (in Paris Hilton’s trendy word) a “HUGE” problem with that.  Not only does yo-yo dieting ruin your metabolism, it has worse psychological side-effects that could take years to undo.  What are these people thinking to even say such a thing to vulnerable women who are desperate to lose weight.

The other thing that really pissed me off was the fact that they didn’t even have an article about their claim.  It was just there -in a bright yellow, magazine bubble – for everyone to read (and believe with no proof) that it’s true.  God help the media if they think that we are that stupid!  Well, I’m not going to fall for it; you better not either.  Go with the facts, ladies.  Don’t believe everything you read; do the research yourself.   And do what’s right for you -what works and is healthy.  We’ll do an article on the pitfalls of yo-yo dieting.  Be well.

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