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3 Top Online Courses To Help You Make Money

Thanks to the digital age, online courses continue to gain traction as more people get enrolled. This area is so broad that you can virtually find any course that complements your talents in hopes of earning income via the internet. These courses are completely online, guided, and designed to be taken at an individual pace. Perhaps, that explains why in a global survey conducted in November 2020, 77.9% of female respondents regarded online business education as the most viable alternative since the pandemic hit. What are these courses, and do you intend to enroll in one? Here are a few of the best ones to consider.

The Facebook Ads Intensive

This online course is a good one for many types of businesses that have deep roots in social media and want to expand there. It’s an intensive twelve-week program primarily targeting bloggers and led by author, Beth Anne Schwamberger. She’s also the brain behind the successful blog, Brilliant Business Moms. 

Facebook Ads Intensive is designed to help women especially to scale up their businesses by doing the following:

  • Blog posts promotions
  • Non-stop social media posting
  • Connecting in Facebook groups

Moreover, in this guided course, students learn copywriting techniques, create a custom online audience, and set up tripwires. As this online program progresses, participants are introduced to:

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Ad set-up & scaling
  • Evaluation of targeted ads

What makes this online course more interesting is its live format, enabling participants to interact and receive feedback in real-time. Unfortunately, this relevant course runs only twice a year. The first for the year began in January 2021 and will last for three months. In total, the Facebook Ads Intensive course costs $891 but is broken into monthly payments until the program ends. Therefore, participants can pay $297 for each month. Regarding stages, the course handles intermediate and advanced levels.

Local Marketing Vault Course

Contrary to some reports on Local Marketing Vault, this course has some legitimate properties and is certified. Most likely, the claim of it being a scam stems from the intensity of competition in the market. There is evidence that there is a high success rate among persons who complete this program. Created by James Bonadies and Jason McKim, the Local Marketing Vault course taps into practical skills to help you generate leads and make money from the net.

Most importantly, it imparts lasting marketing lessons to enable people to sustain their income. Many people tend to confuse LMV with affiliate marketing, but in actual terms, they are different. Read additional details on LMV via ibuyireview.com.

Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate marketing by itself is a marketing technique employed to promote businesses or products. Many marketing experts believe this method is a necessary tool every digital business needs to thrive and propel the company to greater heights. Besides its individually paced system, participants benefit immensely from industry experts from around the world. 

Furthermore, this online course efficiently uses practical tutorial videos for varied topics to be studied. Moreover, this online business program is structured to address how affiliate marketing can be efficiently utilized in a wide range of businesses. For example, there are guided tutorials on using it for a blog, selling T-shirts, or hospitality business.

For beginners, this course has six modules spread over thirty lessons. It also comes with a private Facebook Group that allows participants to share knowledge. As a general rule, this particular online course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the course that runs $197. Like other online business courses, it’s self-paced.

These courses are even more appealing because you can enroll in any of them from the comfort of your home. Moreover, business operations continue to evolve, with the pandemic making it even more necessary to do so.


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