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5 Savvy Ways To Spruce Up A Home Office

Working from home is a dream for many women who have struggled to balance their lives working in corporate America. It might be a dream, but working from home can also be quite an ordeal if you are not prepared for it or you don’t have an appropriate space. During the pandemic, millions of women have found themselves suddenly out of the office, using their spare rooms, kitchen tables, and even sofas as makeshift offices to get their jobs done. This trend has also caused countless workers to use their homes as offices permanently, making it more important to create a pleasant, comfortable space in which to work. Here are several ways to spruce up a home office.

Go Green

There are two ways you can take this, and you should consider both of them. If eco-friendly and sustainability are important to you, do what you can to reflect this in your office. Buy from eco-friendly brands, look for pre-loved items to decorate with, and fit energy-saving bulbs and appliances where possible. You might not think this makes a huge difference, but if everyone did this, the impact would be substantial. 

The other way to “go green” is to have some plants in your workspace. Plants have been shown to improve air quality, creativity, and productivity, as well as reduce stress levels. My plants evoke a sense of calm and joy in me, so having them in my home office just makes sense. If you are not savvy with plants, choose varieties that don’t need a lot of care like Spider, Chinese Money, Bamboo, or Philodendron.

Add Cool Computer Upgrades and Accessories

If you don’t have the space or budget to make changes to your décor, inexpensive accessories are the perfect way to spice up your home office. For example, a colorful and incredibly cool keycap product from Kinetic Labs might help to motivate you to work! There is something about having a green glow around the keyboard that makes me feel powerful…like a superhero computer genius!

If you love to geek out and want to bring your office to life with amazing and functional computer equipment, check out things like a mechanical keyboard or a custom-built system to meet your business and personal needs. My daughter talks about having one built for her gaming room…which is basically her office :).

Add Some Comfort

How about adding a fluffy pillow or area rug to bring in some texture and a sense of comfort? Remember, comfort can be achieved with sound, texture, and scent in addition to visual items. Just make it your own, as you do with other areas of your home. It also helps to define the space as much as you can. Long curtains or screens can help you create the illusion of walls where there are none. This helps with privacy issues if you have children or frequent traffic in your home.

Add Inspirational Items 

Creating a space that helps you to be productive and comfortable doesn’t need to be complicated. How to accomplish this is a personal choice that can move in any direction you like. If you are easily distracted and prefer a minimalist approach, add one or two items that make you feel happy and safe such as family photos or an award. If you are a collector, fill your space with a collection you are proud of.

Display items that inspire you and represent who you are as a woman. This could be a picture on the wall, a framed quote that you love, or a shelf full of books that inspire you. Try not to fall into the trap of just trying to make things pretty. Yes, you do want your space to look great, but developing a personal connection to it is important, too. You can do this by taking the time to think about what lights you up.

Remove Clutter 

Working from home means that you might not have a large space to do your work. If you can, try to keep your environment clutter-free and clean. It can be difficult to focus with a laundry monster hulking from the corner. Try to keep your office space dedicated to only work, so you are not tempted to blur the lines. Of course, that’s not always possible, but creative storage can help to conceal what you don’t want to see while working.


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