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Open Your Mind To A New YOU!

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I have been enjoying the concentration of self-development on the site this month. On this 26th day of our new you in 31 days challenge, I’d like to personally invite you to open your minds today. To what? Well, that ‘s up to you. But I have a feeling that you know exactly what new ideas and concepts have been hanging around lately. They may even be ones that go against everything you’ve been taught or believe at present. That’s OK. The point is to open up to things that are out of your comfort zone and not the usual. We wouldn’t have grown and evolved as a species had we not ventured beyond the “norm” and cultivated new and exciting ideas. We might still believe the Earth is flat or conducting electricity is impossible if it wasn’t for  courageous souls pushing past criticism and doubt.

If we stay inside the mind boxes, often adopted to remain comfortable, we do ourselves and the world a disservice. Progress happens when people decide they want to learn something new or explore possibilities. There are so many things and people that can trap us in limited thinking; including but not limited to,  family, friends, bosses, children, churches, social groups, religious organizations, political organizations, long time mentors, how you were raised, how your parents were raised, and trapped emotions/trauma. Nobody wants others thinking they are nuts or going against the grain. Humans like it when things go smoothly. And, we love to be loved or admired by our peers.

Bringing up new concepts and ideas to others can be a scary thing if those relationships are based on certain situations. Sometimes other people don’t understand why or how you could change your mind about anything. Those individuals are deeply stuck in their mind boxes – a position that doesn’t really serve anyone. It is always my hope that they will eventually open their minds to exploration of concepts and theories beyond their box. Which brings me back to you…

Are you stuck in a box but want to get out…and soon?

Know that you are not alone in this place. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are opening their minds to new scientific theories and spiritual possibilities, even those who have been stuck thinking and believing a certain way for a long time. Progress and change is upon humanity…for a good reason: If we don’t do something different and embrace the power we’ve been given, life will cease as we know it. As a connected species, we feel this imminent danger approaching quickly. Need has always been the catalyst for change, and often it comes just in time before something catastrophic happens.

Opening Your Mind and Self-Development

In order to move forward, you must do something you’ve never done or think something you’ve never thought. Do you see the correlation? I’m not saying you have to turn your whole life upside down in order to move out of your box, but I am suggesting that you try some new ideas on for size. Don’t just ignore or dismiss your friend who may want you to read a book about a fringe science or spiritual concept. Knowledge is power…and it is also how beliefs begin. Everything you believe right now originated from an idea about something that was either introduced in early childhood or any time since. We live and breathe in a world that is changing every day. We also are beings that crave and thrive on that creative change. We were not meant to go on endlessly believing that things have to stay exactly the same or else something bad will happen to us.

I encourage you to start small with things like baking your chicken in a different way than what grandma did. Live it up! I know that may sound funny to some of you, but you’d be surprised how stuck some people truly are. Tradition has its place, but, remember, it can also hinder your personal growth and success if you refuse to move past it. Baby steps will serve you well, especially if you have someone looking over your shoulder, watching every move you make…yes, that’s creepy, but it happens.

We’d love to hear about any new ideas or beliefs that you’ve embraced lately. The conversation could get really interesting!  Love and peace to you all! Oh, and don’t forget to enter to win the $30 gift certificate for Joyful Girl Naturals!


 The Link Between Sex and Creativity by E.S. Tilton

Stalkers…Where You Least Expect Them by Kellie R. Stone

About Kellie R. Stone

"I make no excuses for my diverse roles as a Rock Your Feminine Type Coach™ and Branding Expert, best-selling author, and crime thriller novelist. Yes, I do still chuckle a bit at the irony. I kick ass as a women’s biz coach by day and kill off vulnerable fiction characters at night. What the hell, it makes for some interesting dreams. I believe that everyone should pursue their passions no matter how out there they seem to be. One of those pure heart-fluttering passions for me has always been writing. Since I did, indeed, chase my dream of being a writer, I've published two non-fiction books in the self-development genre, co-authored an international best seller, and now I'm finally pushing my much-too-old-to-be-in-the-nest novel out the door and into the world. My whole world is empowering and I adore showing others how to live life unfiltered, whether I do that through the written word or my coaching work. I love my job!" ~Kellie R. Stone

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  1. Kellie, beautiful! This Aries New Moon (tomorrow) is a big invitation to jump out of the box, and start something new, brave, audacious, and bold.

    Glad to find your article, so inspiring!

    Love and light,

  2. This is a very wise quote by Albert Einstein :
    ” Insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That has been a constant reminder on my path. If I find myself stuck I try a new way. This has been my little secret to fast self growth and quantum leaps in development.

  3. Just came to play in your lovely garden for a short while today…. It’s a beautitful place. xox

  4. thank you! this is so encouraging and I am all about changing my past mindsets and moving forward in my life, successfully.

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