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3 Good Reasons To Back Up Your Phone Regularly

When was the last time you backed up your phone? Don’t worry if you can’t remember or you’ve never done it, you’re not alone. In fact, most people don’t understand how important it is to back up your phone and they never bother learning how to do it. When you get a new phone, it’s fairly easy to transfer everything over and they will normally do it for you at the store. But what if your phone breaks before you have the chance to transfer your data? So, if you haven’t backed up your phone for a while, here are the main reasons why you should. 

It Protects Against Hardware Failure

People assume that backups are only important if you drop your phone and break it or it gets stolen. So, if you’re a careful person, do you really need to back up? The thing is, you could lose everything due to a hardware failure. It might be a malfunction or something as simple as a dead battery preventing the phone from turning on. Whatever it is, if your device isn’t working, you need to have a backup because there’s no guarantee that power will ever return to the phone. Know that having everything stored separately will help you avoid any costly technology dilemmas

It’s Easy To Accidentally Delete Data


Another reason to back up your phone is accidental deletion. Unfortunately, it’s easy to accidentally delete a photo, message, or even a file that you use frequently for work. There is a chance you can recover the data but, in many cases, you can’t. If you have a backup from before you deleted them, though, it’s as if nothing changed and all your data is still there for you to use however you want. There are certain apps designed to help with this problem, but the easiest way to avoid losing anything is by backing up regularly.

It Gives You An Opportunity to Tidy Up Your Files

Let’s face it. We all have too many photos, videos, and songs on our phones. Sometimes we take a new photo or video but don’t delete the old one because we might need it one day. Or maybe you’re just sentimental about deleting favorite memories of your life and interactions with loved ones.

Even if you don’t feel this way, your phone still has limited storage which can get quickly filled up. If you are running out of space on your phone, chances are that most of it is due to photos. So backing up regularly gives you the opportunity to remove anything that’s not important anymore and free up some valuable space on your device. However, backing up on the cloud can create a lot of duplicate photos, so you need to stay on top of them. Make sure you delete duplicate photos after every backup to keep things clean and tidy. Managing your files and photos properly will speed up your phone and ensure you can easily find what you need. 

Just because your phone hasn’t broken yet, that doesn’t mean it never will. You think it’ll never happen to you but there’s always a chance that you will need your backup at some point, so don’t neglect it. 


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