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3 Power Tips To Energize Your Workouts

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Working out is an important part if the grand scheme of health and fitness. There are so many different things you can do to ensure you are keeping fit. Regardless of what type of exercise you choose, one of the smartest things you can do is energize your workouts by doing some simple things up front. This will help make the most out of the time you have set aside for fitness. You will burn more calories and, ultimately, feel better during and after your workout.  Do as much as you can to make sure your physical and mental energy is good before you exercise. Try these 3 powerful ways to help prepare you for even really tough workouts.

Power Tip #1: Drink a Protein Smoothie

Believe it or not, quality, low sugar smoothies can actually invigorate you before, during and after your workout. You can drink it beforehand or sip on it throughout your session. I love using my Pro Ninja blender to create all sorts yummy smoothies for energy and nutrition.  Check out HealthyButSmart.com and take a look at the possibilities. They actually extract more nutrients from the food and make them more absorbable.  And, for those of you who could leave the fruit and vegetables behind, smoothies are perfect to get your daily allowance of both in a fast, tasty way. Watch the calories for this drink, as you don’t want to undo what you are working toward.

My favorite Smoothie Recipe: (pre or post workout)

The Blue Banana

1/2 a banana (fresh or frozen)

1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)

Juice from half of an orange

1 TBSP chia seed

1 cup unsweetened coconut water

1 cup ice

Blend ingredients until smooth. Enjoy!


Power Tip #2: Make An Upbeat Playlist

For me, music makes everything more fun! When I walk on the treadmill or outdoors, I always have upbeat tunes playing. Put it on a few minutes before you start your actual session to help get you motivated. Make sure you choose the perfect workout playlist to match the type of exercise you plan to do. Obviously, yoga music would be different from that which you might listen to while running. Fine tune this list until you have varying sets for each type of workout. And, most importantly, have fun!

Power Tip #3: Join a Club or Gym

Most areas have different types of health clubs or gyms you can join for a reasonable monthly cost. Visit the ones you are considering and decide which one will give you the most for your money. We are actually considering joining the YMCA because everyone in our family has different interests and need the versatility. Health clubs or centers will be more appealing to families or those who enjoy other activities besides just a general workout. Whether you decide on a club or a gym, both will help you to meet other people with health goals like your own.

Make sure that you feel comfortable working out around others before you commit to a gym. Women, especially, can be sensitive about fitness if they think strange men are staring at them. I completely understand this and tend to shy away from gyms myself. There are so many life-changing reasons to get active today, but you also need to make sure you stay motivated and energized for the long term. If you don’t like the gym atmosphere, you can also gear up for fitness by partnering with a friend or family member. We have a weekly health challenge at our house that keeps us a little competitive and looking forward to our workouts.

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