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3 Reasons To Include Emojis In Business Communication

Emojis, those little icons that are frequently used on phones or computers to describe emotion (such as happiness, anger, and celebration). Created by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999, most everyone knows about them and most have used them. A staple for social media posts and messenger communication, emojis are fun and do bring visual excitement to the table. However, should they be used in business communication? I suppose that’s a subjective topic that each of us has to decide for ourselves and businesses. That said, here are some reasons you might want to include emojis in business communication.

Include Emojis In Business Communication #1: They Draw Attention

Emails are traditionally a more formal method of communication. However, with more relaxed work environments and the modern creative freedoms we see in advertisements, emails have changed. Business owners, marketers, and account reps are more frequently using emojis in the subject line and within the content itself. It’s a fact that, when it comes to customer outreach, emails are a crucial way of gaining attention and repeat purchases from customers. Therefore, if a little emoji encourages engagement, why not give them a try? Interesting fact: in 2015, the smiling-crying face was voted word of the year by the British Oxford Dictionary.

Include Emojis In Business Communication #2: Higher Open Rate 

Recent statistics show that adding emojis in the subject line of business emails produces a higher open rate. The color and visual cues help them to stand out from all of the other emails in the inbox folder. Of course, consider the message, the tone of your business, and your personality before you go sending a slew of emojis. Used inappropriately, emojis could give someone the wrong impression. For example, if you’re in the finance business or an attorney, you likely wouldn’t want to use them for serious communication. Do consider using them as a way to be approachable and to be seen as vital and modern.  They can show personality and a willingness to be creative and real.

Include Emojis In Business Communication #3: Supports Branding and Self-Expression

Every business and business person can benefit from branding and individuality. After all, you want to be seen and recognized in the market place. Adding emojis to business communication could actually support your brand and creative self-expression. That is if you use emojis wisely and for a specified reason. By choosing certain emojis as a signature, you can show consistency and something that customers look forward to.

If you are unsure about what emojis to use, check out which ones are currently most popular. Do also consider who you are and what ones fit your personality. Custom or stylized emojis can be exciting and add flair to your marketing and brand. So remember that even though emoji for email is acceptable and widely used, don’t slack on your subject line or content. Visuals are good, but without quality, related content, they will get deleted.

Bottom line, be considerate about how you use emojis in your business communication. Pay attention to how customers respond to emails and campaigns with and without them. The truth is, they may not be for you or your business. However, it’s clear that this modern trend is benefiting some companies in the long run. 🙂


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