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4 Tips To Keep Customer Outreach Balanced

As a business owner, it’s essential to interface with your potential and current clients and customers. Being seen is the first thing to happen, but you also have to create a draw that says, “Buy from me consistently!”. However, there is a fine line between being there to remind them and reaching out too much. Receiving too many emails, calls, and print ads can do more harm than good. So how much outreach is too much? Here are some tips to keep customer outreach balanced.

Keep Customer Outreach Balanced #1: Using Push Notifications

The majority of people don’t do much of anything without their smartphones these days. After all, our entire lives are represented there, form photos, calendars, contacts, and business. For that reason, whenever we receive a notification, we check it quickly. This is a quality opportunity for your business to be seen by customers. However, overusing this method can also annoy and even repel some people.

Take note of what you are sending and what usefulness it brings to your audience. Push notifications, such as confirming the change of a user account password, a promotion, or perhaps a freebie may be viewed as acceptable given the right context. With multi channel messaging you can craft messages, details, and target your audience. Be sure to schedule your notifications at prime times as well. So it helps to know when your market is most likely to pay attention.

Keep Customer Outreach Balanced #2: Security Notifications

Security outreach is often looked on with favor. For example, you might automatically send a message to your user whenever someone logs into their account from a new IP address. Even if it’s them, they’ll know that you have their security in mind. Gentle, occasional reminders to enable 2-factor authentication on their account, and perhaps to change their password once a year can increase security. Be sure to time this well, with the intention to inform. 

Keep Customer Outreach Balanced #3: Personalized Marketing

Clients and customers can consider general push outreach to be an invasive offering of promotions and sales. For that reason, sales analytics programs can give you information that predicts who will do what. This sales data is based on purchase history. It refers them to things that are most likely to interest them. This can take the sting out of a promotion offer because it targets the right customers at the right time for the right reasons. This is especially helpful for those customers who have ongoing needs and want to improves things in their personal and professional lives.

Keep Customer Outreach Balanced #4: Know Your Customers

Knowing and understanding your customers is by far the most effective way to serve them efficiently. If they believe you want to bring value to their lives, they welcome your promotions, emails, and suggestions. This is primarily done by interaction, answering questions, dealing with issues, and attending to them regularly. I understand that you can’t know everything about everyone, however, you can try to be involved as much as possible. If you are overloaded, maybe it’s time to hire help or account reps to give better service.

Though I believe in using technology as a tool to increase sales and efficiency, the human element is really what keeps customers coming back. Make an effort every day to learn something new about several clients or customers. This doesn’t have to take hours either. I believe you will quickly see results from bringing back some old school ideas about service and marketing.



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