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3 Sources For Support And Relief During Low Times

Low moments in life are, unfortunately, inevitable for us humans. Even if we try to deny them or hide the fact we are hurting, low times can deeply affect us. Generally, it’s how we process these challenges and move on from them that either helps us find peace or get stuck. One huge key to success is to turn to supportive people and organizations when things start going downhill. Of course, everyone is different and will find comfort in varying places. Find what helps you to feel good about yourself and process your emotions healthfully. Here are a few sources for support during low times.

Your Support System

Having and utilizing a support system when you’re experiencing difficult times helps you to stay balanced and feel loved. That said, I know it can be hard to reach out when you’re feeling sad or embarrassed about something happening in your life. It’s important to stay in touch with others regularly so it doesn’t feel awkward should you need their support.

Building trust with people is a two-way street. After all, you may also be their support system as well. If you don’t feel you have a support system in place, it’s still important to reach out to someone. This could be a neighbor, clergy, or even your doctor. The more you’re able to share with them, the easier it will be to move through difficult times and find your joy again.

An Online Community

Some women rely heavily on their online social communities for friendship and support. This could be because they feel more comfortable opening up to people that aren’t face-to-face. Though this may not be the healthiest way to socialize, it plays a huge part in our culture today. It could very well be someone’s only source of support, as well. 

As well as social media, there are sites such as Mellowed, Daily OM, and Elephant Journal that have wonderful articles and advice for just about any life situation. You can also try doing a search for specific topics that pertain to what you’re going through. It can be comforting to know that you’re not the only one experiencing problems.

Take a Break 

An escape from it all or a simple break can work magic if you’re overworked and overwhelmed with your life. It’s possible that feeling down could be the product of pent up stress and emotions. Taking a break from work or the kids is not a luxury in the case but a necessity. We must take care of ourselves if we expect to be able to take care of others and our responsibilities. 

This is an opportunity for you to clear your mind and take a new picture of your life. A shift in perspective is all we need sometimes to reset our intentions and feelings. Make this time about you completely by doing what you want to do. If you must take the family along on a vacation, make sure to schedule time for yourself.

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