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3 Tips To Change Your Career The Smart Way

***This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. So many people hate their jobs, but so few do anything to change it. Some women are simply complacent, but the reason most remain in positions that are not satisfying is they are afraid to move. This is understandable, considering how challenging finding a new job can be, let alone switching to a new industry. I have a feeling that you will feel much better about it after doing the appropriate research. Here are 3 tips to change your career the smart way to get you started on a new path.

Change Your Career The Smart Way #1: Know Why You Want to Change Your Career

You need to be very clear with yourself about the reasons you want to make a move of this nature. With the job market not always plentiful and easy to navigate, understanding what you truly want and need will serve you.  If you’re feeling undervalued at your present company, there’s a chance the same job in a different business might revitalize you. However, if the general industry seems dull and boring, it’s probably time to move on. Write down your needs and desires, as well as your strengths, skills, and experience. Think about what type of job or career suits this list. Above all, make sure you make a change that will bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

Change Your Career The Smart Way #2: Go Back to School

Sometimes all you need to make a move is a little more education. In this case, going back to school to get a degree or needed courses could change everything. If you want a career that you love, it’s worth the hard work to make that happen. Educating yourself in your new industry or job of choice creates a new confidence and bridge to success. You can look into online college courses for transfer credit if have previous university experience that you can use. This may also be more cost and time efficient if you have a family or a demanding job.

I highly recommend that you have a financial plan in place before you enroll in any programs. Also, make sure the course or courses you take will ultimately benefit you in your new career.

Change Your Career The Smart Way #3: Know You Always Have Options

Take control of your life and future by seeing all the potential you have. Also, know that you can always change your mind and path later should things take a negative turn. You may change your career many times throughout your life as your passions and situation changes. It’s not enough to be qualified and intelligent with regards to a certain subject matter; you have to be genuinely intrigued in your industry area in order to maintain energy and enthusiasm for the job role over the span of an entire career. Don’t ever feel like you’re stuck with a job or career you hate. You are the leading lady of your life. Place her in the role that makes her happy and brings success. 

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