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3 Ways Being Single Reboots Your Life

Whether you’ve been through a recent break-up or been single for a long time, your confidence can waiver and affect how you live, love, and relate to the world. And though feeling down or heartbroken is perfectly normal and even needed at times, it can also hinder growth if you stay there too long. Know that being on your own can also boost your ability to think for yourself and be the independent women you know you can be. The truth is, we can be influenced by our partners to the point we may leave a part of our dreams or needs behind. Sometimes, this is a simple loving compromise that serves the relationship. However, it can also go too far in one direction and it might be you who’s getting the shaft.

So, next time you find yourself without a romantic partner, take some time to understand what your needs are and what you might have been missing. Learn how to be completely happy with yourself when you’re alone. For some, this might be a little difficult or strange. To help you think more positively about your singleness, here are some ways being single reboots your life.

Builds Self-Love and Confidence

After a break-up or prolonged periods of being single, many women experience low self-esteem. While this is certainly normal, it can also show something about how we view ourselves in relation to others. If we constantly look for reassurance or only value ourselves when with someone, we can miss the beauty of self-love. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. On the contrary, when we can be by ourselves, we are truly free and can learn important things about our dreams and desires. In fact, it’s a time when the confidence gained can literally change your life forever. 

Some studies have even indicated that periods of being single can benefit our health. This includes your mental, physical and spiritual health. Often times, we can get in a rut with our relationships and begin to slack in self-care and understanding. If this goes on for years, you can plainly see how it could negatively affect your general well-being. Being single is a time to reclaim quality self-care and time for yourself. Do the things that you once did or maybe have never done for yourself.

Discovery of Unfulfilled Sexual Needs and Desires

While there obviously can be value in an amazing sex life with one partner, let’s face it, monogamy isn’t the only fun way to enjoy a fulfilling sex life! Many women believe that their most valuable (and hottest) sexual experiences can only be achieved in a serious relationship. They may even worry that they will be viewed as promiscuous or a “slut” if they “sleep around”. That said, we each have to decide what is right for us and not worry about what others think. It’s a part of self-love and care. 

Sexual Health

Exploring your sexuality with multiple partners can be rewarding and even teach you some things you didn’t know. Obviously, you want to be safe and stay healthy. This kind of lifestyle will require some extra considerations. I recommend that you never have unprotected sex and even ask for proof of sexual health before you move forward. In other words, don’t trust everything people say on free social phone lines or even people you know. Someone might believe he or she does not have an STI but be lying or not have all of the information or testing. Sexual health is your responsibility. 

Opportunity to Be the Best Version of Yourself

Being single isn’t a bad thing or mean that you are undesirable. Get those negative things out of your head. Think of it as your time to become the most badass version of YOU! Yes, take this time to do what you want, act the way you want, speak the way you want, and be yourself. Learn everything you can about who you are and what makes you happy. You don’t need someone else to make you happy! Let me say that again…you don’t need someone else to make you happy. We are responsible for our own happiness.

Consider how much better a relationship would go if both parties loved themselves completely. Truthfully, the downfall of most partnerships is the self-doubt and abuse of one or both people. That negative thinking shows over and over again until it destroys the love that is there. It can also even prevent us from truly loving at all. So, get yourself together before you hook up for the long journey with another person. I believe you will see that being single reboots your life!



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