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3 Ways To Manage Life’s Top Stressors

It’s no great secret that if you learn to handle your stressyou can live a happier and more healthful life. In fact, your physical and mental wellbeing is dependent on your ability to do so. Yeah, I know, it’s easier said than done. I’ve struggled with it for most of my adult life. Mine is a combination of having a large family and being a perfectionist.

Truth be told, identifying your stressors is the first thing that has to happen if you want to manage the stress itself. In this post, we will look at just a few common areas and how to effectively manage life’s top stressors.

Manage Life’s Top Stressors #1: Money

Almost everyone in the world worries about money at some time or another. If you don’t have enough of it, you might worry about how to pay the bills. If you have plenty of it, you might have a constant nagging fear that it could all disappear. Whatever your position with money is at the moment, learning to handle your stress concerning it helps you live happier and be content where you are. You can do this by making a financial plan, such as knowing the best way to pay off credit cards, how to handle financial emergencies, and saving for your child’s college. 

The second thing is to do your best not to overspend or commit your finances. Living to the brink of your budget is not only unwise but it causes an alarming amount of stress on a family. Sometimes, it’s not possible to lower living costs, but, in most cases, there is always something you can do to tighten things up. Reevaluate the budget regularly to check for ways to save money and cut spending. Also, make sure that both you and your spouse or partner agree on what you spend your money on.

Manage Life’s Top Stressors #2: Relationships

Whatever the nature or status of your relationships, they are bound to cause some stress. Simply being around others in any kind of intimate way makes us vulnerable to deeply felt emotions. With this comes natural life disturbances and fears. Relationship stress is mainly caused by the lack of boundaries and clarity. The better you both can communicate your needs and desires, the less complicated things will be. Naturally, stress reduces because you aren’t guessing where things stand with another person. 

It’s always best to speak up about problems and concerns early on. Waiting to share your feelings creates tension and anxiety. Try to create a safe place to communicate for each of your loved ones. This goes for your children, romantic partners, co-workers, and your extended family and friends.

Manage Life’s Top Stressors #3: Career

A career can have such a large place in your life. It is the way we contribute to the world as well as make a living. Because it’s so important for survival and self-confidence, shifts and problems can feel devastating. Stress from the office can also seep into family life. This creates a cycle of stress that hooks everyone in. It is, therefore, imperative to compartmentalize career and family as much as possible. Always ask your partner or friends first before going off about work to them. Remember, your stress may bring them to a negative place as well. 

Finding a balance between career and personal life may not always be easy but worth it. One way that I keep things balanced is to be present. If I’m on a date with my husband, I am there with him and not on my phone doing business. If I’m in a business meeting, I focus on the task at hand and the people I’m with.

Stress can also be caused by working too much or not managing your time well. Take an inventory of your work hours and make changes if it’s causing stress and problems.


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