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4 Fun Careers For Guitar Lovers

When I was 10, I wanted to play the guitar like so many young kids. I begged my mom for one and, of course, I had to have lessons. Music was in my soul, and I had to experience it through a guitar. Though unfortunately, my guitar was stolen, I continued a life-long passion for music and…well, the guitar. I didn’t become a musician, but you will still find a guitar poised in my bedroom corner.

For some, music and playing an instrument does stick and turn into a money-making venture. Sometimes, this might take a course that doesn’t involve the actual playing of music, however. It could be that a musician needs to make money doing other things to supplement a slow start to a music career. Additionally, some people just play the guitar as a hobby but love it! No matter what the motivation for loving this beautiful instrument, there are some quality jobs to be had. Here are some careers for guitar lovers. 

Session Guitarist

Being a session guitarist will definitely keep your skills sharp and help you build a good reputation in the music industry. You can learn and perform a variety of styles that help you grow as a musician. Do know, there is often travel involved for session guitarists, and you might be called at the very last minute to sit in on a live performance. The work is varied and could be sporadic while you build your name. Overall, the paths this job could lead to are endless. After all, you never know who is listening or watching.

Instructor/Guitar Teacher

There are many people that want to learn guitar simply for a hobby or mode of relaxation. And there are those who want an actual music career, playing for a band or writing music. As an instructor, you can teach them to play the guitar to the level they desire. If they want to go further than your skills can take them, you can pass them along to a more experienced teacher.

If you prefer teaching a particular group like children, you can specialize in youth classes. You can choose your own working hours if you do private lessons in your home or theirs. Alternatively, there are also many music schools, stores, and community centers that employ teachers full-time. 


If you are thinking ‘what is a luthier?’, you’re not alone. Not a commonly known craft, a luthier is an artisan who makes, restores, and repairs beautiful string instruments. If you have ever wanted to get deep into the inner workings of a musical instrument, this career might be for you. 

Though a luthier needs to know how to play, there are many more skills involved to actually create fine instruments. You’ll need to understand and master working with wood, glue, and finishing tools, as well as have an in-depth knowledge of design and repair. This is a career that could unfold at your own shop or working for someone else. 

Music Journalist

Perhaps you don’t play much but love anything that has to do with music. If you are a writer, you could get paid to write about music. This could give you an exciting career surrounded by musicians and music events alike. Journalists often receive exclusive access to concerts, intimate shows, and to the bands. This type of work might start out slowly and look more like blogging on your own site but could be lucrative in the long run. 



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