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4 Ladder Of Success Boosts You Can Activate Now

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If you want to have the life of your dreams, the career of your dreams, you have to go create it! You will have many detours and bumps along the way, but don’t let that stop you from giving it your best shot. That invisible ladder is always there, waiting for you to step up.  As soon as you realize that it is in your power to progress up that ladder, the faster you’ll see your dreams happen. I’ve compiled a short list of 4 ladder of success boosts you can activate now!

Ladder of Success Boosts #1: Set Goals Regularly

There is a place for long-term goals in your life and career. That said, set yourself small goals and set them often. There is just something amazing about having mini-victories along the way! They actually energize you and set you up for the big success down the road. I wake up every day and run through my daily goals and intentions. This is a confirmation to your body, mind, and spirit that you are serious about what you want. I also highly recommend writing each goal or dream down somewhere you can see it. There is nothing like a daily reminder to keep you on track.

Ladder of Success Boosts #2: Leave Your Comfort Zone

Staying comfy-cozy in the complacent zone won’t boost you up any ladder. In fact, it will keep you planted right there on the ground. Several years ago, I was terrified to make videos. Though I knew I needed to do it in order to boost my business, I couldn’t. Finally, I got out of that “comfort zone” I was in and did my first one. The topic: Overcoming My Fear.

Maybe you’re afraid of public speaking or leading presentations. Yes, these are hard ones, but you will never get over your fear unless you just do it. Look for small opportunities to be the one talking. Soon, you’ll realize that it’s not so bad. You will also realize that you are climbing the ladder. Apply this concept to each area where you tend to shrink back into the hidey-hole. Yes, the comfort zone is a hiding place. Being successful requires you to be seen and heard.

Ladder of Success Boosts #3: Ask for Feedback

Waiting for your annual review to come around to get feedback may not be your best strategy. If feedback from more experienced workers and managers can help you, go ask for it! Though getting criticism about your performance may not feel great, you need to hear it. You will never improve at anything unless you receive some nudges and tweaks along the way. And, after you get said “feedback”, go and implement as soon as you can. ChaChing! You just took another couple of steps up that ladder! 

Ladder of Success Boosts #4: Know Your Industry Inside and Out

Here’s a good example: You just got hired at a manufacturing company. Though the job fits your office management skills, you know little about the company’s products or what they do. This is the time for you to be proactive and learn the business. You boss has you schedule a group of new hires to attend several injection molding seminars. Why not ask if you can attend, too? Your boss will be overjoyed at your proactive suggestion! You see how getting out of your comfort zone can be one of the best “ladder of success” boosts!

Having a genuine interest in your industry only increases your net worth as an employee. Start small with some research about the latest trends, or look at what the competitors are doing. Even reading blogs can offer guidance and stretch your understanding of the industry. Just remember, the more you know, the more marketable you are for promotions and future positions. Who knows, you may even start your own company!


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