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5 Steps To Life Progress And Satisfaction

Life can take many paths, and some might not be pleasurable or feel good at all. We can, in turn, be left with unmet dreams and dissatisfaction with our lives. This life “rut” is a tough one that takes some time and effort to climb out of. That said, it’s not impossible and, certainly, is something I have done many times. Life progress and satisfaction are within reach for every single one of us who is willing to work for it. Here are some of my best strategies to make it happen quickly and efficiently! 

Adjust Your Mind

First, and foremost, this process starts in the mind. Our thoughts lead to beliefs and beliefs lead to choices. Consider how continual thoughts that tear down your self-esteem could affect everything you do. Now, think about something positive that you’ve accomplished in life. I bet you instantly felt better and as though you had more value. Our minds are powerful and can lead us to success and happiness or doubt and failure.

I recommend trying meditation or some type of mindfulness practice. I’ve been able to go so much farther in my life because I decided to slow down and focus on the “NOW”. Truthfully, our minds need a break from all the negativity of the world. Give yourself the chance to go deeper into a positive state by practicing daily. 

Set Goals

Setting goals is one of those things that is necessary if you want to fulfill your dreams. Waiting or simply letting things “happen” might give you part of what you want but not all. Fulfillment and satisfaction in life come with focus and work. This means taking calculated steps toward a goal or dream.

Simply write down or type out your vision in as much detail as you can. Feel the emotions you expect to feel when that thing happens. Connecting to your dreams and goals in this way gives life to your intentions and attracts them to you. Also, when you know what you’re working toward, it’s much easier to plan actions to get there.

Take Action

So, the next thing to do is act on your goals and dreams. Simple. Don’t overthink or plan or worry about the results. Be who you are now and lead with your strengths. In other words, don’t beat yourself up for what you can’t do. Do what you can to see your goals come to pass.

If you’ve been wanting to finish your degree, then, for God’s sake do it! Get online and start researching schools like Norwich University. You won’t get down that path of success and satisfaction sitting there eating  Bon Bons and binge-watching TWD. Though, I do love me some walkers…

Anyway, keep moving forward by doing the things that are getting you results. Baby steps are so welcome on this path of progress. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments along the way.

Prioritize Your Life

Once you’re ready to take action to change and reach total life satisfaction, it’s important to prioritize your steps. This is done by deciding what is most important to you. You can align your actions with what you want the most every day. 

This is another area that writing things down comes in handy. Keeping a list of priorities and tasks will help keep you on track as “life” can get hectic for busy moms and businesswomen. It’s important to actually set aside time to make this list. Yes, schedule your scheduling time!

Learn from Your “Trips and Falls”

Finally, understand that you aren’t always going to fly through this “progress” program. Things are going to trip you up and even knock you the hell over. Be prepared for challenges and adversity. More importantly, learn from these situations that aren’t there to make you give up. On the contrary, they are there to help you grow and discover who you really are. 

Life progress is a process of ups and downs and some of those are damn hard. But, know this: you can accomplish great things when you have the right mindset. Believe in your goals and dreams to further stimulate your motivation to succeed. This leads to action that makes things happen but also attracts more success and helpful people. Remember, you got this!



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