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4 Strategies Smart Businesswomen Use To Cope With Business Startup Stress

Women entrepreneurs can experience a slew of challenges as they form and build their businesses. The chaos of life in general and everything from workplace stress to personal or family problems, to a gamut of emotions overwhelm at times. But, arguably, one of the greatest sources for stress and anxiety is money (or lack thereof)! This can be even more consuming when things first start out. So, how does a smart businesswoman cope with business startup stress?

She Starts with a Clear Plan

Before a business owner takes any major steps, she will have a clear plan in place that includes things like financials, risks, pros, cons, forecast, and a mission statement. Not only that, she will develop a marketing strategy that makes sense for her business and ideal customers and clients. Her fears are put to rest for the mere reason that she knows where she is, where she is going, and how to get there.

Furthermore, this plan is in writing somewhere she can return to over and over again throughout the startup process. It is clear enough for others involved to understand and get on board with. The more thought out this plan is, the better chance she will succeed and obtain the resources she needs to move forward. If she finds things aren’t going as planned, she makes the appropriate changes early on.

She Makes the Most out of Limited Resources

A smart businesswoman knows exactly what her resources are and where her limitations lie. She dreams big but doesn’t make unnecessary purchases and moves until it’s time. If she is on a tight budget, she sticks to it or even comes in below it. Hiring staff or help might have to wait if the money isn’t there. This means she will do all the work to make things work at first. This is also where she might look at freelance websites like Guru for outsourcing help. Yeah, she isn’t afraid to ask for help or let go of small pieces of control for the greater good of her baby business.

She Deals with Her Stress and Takes Care of Herself

She is afraid sometimes, and things don’t always go the way she planned. However, she deals with her emotions head-on and takes care of her needs in the process. Her anxiety is normal, and she knows it. Instead of beating herself up about it, she analyzes her triggers and thought process. She even talks to close mentors and hears them when they say, “It’s time for expanding your comfort zone.” 

This smart woman knows that ignoring problems and feelings will only make things worse. Furthermore, her family is a part of her adventure. They know how important it is to her to succeed. Because she has asked for their help and support, they are there for her when things are hard. Her children are helpful and love to hear about her latest projects because she involves them.

She Works Toward Long-Term Financial Goals

Yeah, this smart woman has written down all of her short and long-term goals. She knows exactly what her bullseye is and makes decisions that help her hit it. Though she may not see a profit for a while, she is consistently putting money aside for the future and emergencies. No, this isn’t easy and requires some sacrifice from her and her family. Simply put, she has planned for the low times, even though she strives for the high ones. Starting a business was a gamble for her, but she weighed all of the risks against the benefits. Her decision to move forward is a step toward her dream that will make her life better.

Final Thoughts

So, our smart businesswoman doesn’t always make the perfect choices, and, yes, she makes mistakes. Perfectionism isn’t a part of her life, but excellence and quality are. She simply does her best and learns many lessons along the way. Her business is a big part of her life, but it isn’t everything. She knows that it might not make it in the long run, however, she sets a positive plan and attitude into motion daily.

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