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4 Stunning Ways To Show Confidence

This post was a collaboration and may contain affiliate links. Have you ever looked at a woman at the mall or while at a party and wondered what she has that makes her stand out so much? Women who show confidence in their appearance, abilities and social skills are usually perceived as more attractive by both men and women. The great news is that you can always improve your own self-confidence. Sometimes, all it takes is a little boost on the outside to get the inside to believe it. Here are my top 4 stunning ways to show confidence.

Stunning Ways to Show Confidence #1: Take an Inventory of Yourself

First, examine what affects how you feel about yourself. Is it how you look? Perhaps, you have gained some weight or let yourself go a bit. Is it your clothes or sense of fashion? Do you stumble over your words when in social situations? All of these things can definitely affect how you feel about yourself. I recommend choosing one or two things to work on to start with. Make the improvements that create the most confidence first.

As well as this,  look at the attributes of yourself that people immediately see and focus on. If you need to sharpen up for a big presentation at work, work on what will make the most impact on your professional life. This would also be helpful if you’re planning to land that dream date or winning the job interview.

Stunning Ways to Show Confidence #2: Keep a Smile on Your Face

People who smile often exude confidence and positive energy. Others want to be around happy and content people. They naturally want to know why you’re so happy and gravitate toward you. I can hear you now, “Why should I smile if I don’t feel like it?” Good question. Well, the very act of smiling sends a message to your brain that all is well even if it’s not. I’ve tried this exercise, and it works!

Of course, there are other legitimate reasons why you may not want to smile. Perhaps there is something about your smile that you don’t like. I’ve dealt with this one myself. Having crooked or missing teeth can really put a wrench in your self-confidence. If this is the case, it might help to actually visit a dental professional to see what could be done. Even the worst cases can usually be fixed. According to sites such as http://harrelldentalimplantcenter.com/, new tech has made it even easier to replace teeth.

Did you know that hardly anyone’s teeth are naturally straight? We could all do with a few adjustments, and that’s why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about getting orthodontic work later in life. It might be just what you need to boost your levels of confidence.

Stunning Ways to Show Confidence #3: Confident Body Language

One of the best ways to show confidence is to stand and sit up straight, as well as walk with your head up. It’s not only going to slim you but will also do wonders for your core and back muscles. Changing your posture will take some practice and perseverance, but it will be so worth it in the long run.

A firm handshake is another trait that shows confidence, especially in professional situations. If you are meeting a new friend or love interest, you might lighten up a bit.

Another confidence-revealing body motion is staying open with your arms. Try to avoid crossing your arms in front of your chest, as this creates a sense of being on guard and fearful of something. Have a look at https://www.verywell.com/ for more information on body language and how it can be interpreted.

Stunning Ways to Show Confidence #4: Bright Eyes

People generally notice your eyes first when they see you. As women, we are lucky because there are lots of different ways to make our eyes pop and look wide and bright. Eyeliner is a great way to add emphasis on the eyes and is appropriate to wear pretty much everywhere. I like to use white eyeliner sometimes to help open my eyes and brighten them when I’m extra tired.

Speaking of eyes, always try to look others in the eye when engaged in conversation. It shows that you are not only confident but sincerely interested in the topic and the company. This encourages new relationships (personal and professional) while giving you credibility as a kind and confident woman.

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