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4 Technologically Advanced Products That Help Ease Aging

Life is so busy these days, and nobody wants anything to slow them down. That includes those pesky signs of aging that affect our bodies and our senses. So what can you do to get over those odd wobbles and hurdles that wisdom and experience can throw your way? Try these 4 technologically advanced products that help ease aging. Hint: you don’t have to be old to enjoy the benefits either!

Technologically Advanced Products That Help Ease Aging #1: Hearing Aids

A wild youth full of loud rock music, a genetic condition, or simply reaching ‘that’ age could cause problems with your hearing. Voices can become muffled, and higher frequency sounds can disappear altogether. This is why choosing digital hearing products to suit your lifestyle and preferences is important.

You can avoid isolation, stop missing those important conversation moments, and carry on enjoying that rock music. According to the Hearing Review, “paradigm shifts” are happening in the field of hearing technology. Orticon’s Open Sound Navigator is showing improvements like “approximately 30% better speech understanding in noise, a 20% decrease in listening effort, and 20% improvement in recall of conversational speech.” These significant changes also create a promising future in the field and that there is even more technological advancements on the horizon.

Technologically Advanced Products That Help Ease Aging #2: Advanced Footwear

Have you noticed your comfort, energy levels, and performance are dwindling when you workout? Believe it or not, the culprit could be your shoes. If you are the type of woman to just pick up a pair of “tennies” at the Walmart, you might consider upgrading. After I was actually fit for a pair of high-tech trainers my ability to run or walk further increased dramatically. I have less pain and am able to do some things not possible before. I believe investing in your feet and fitness to be one of the highest priorities if you plan to stay active for life.

Technologically Advanced Products That Help Ease Aging #3: Eyewear

Do you ever get to the supermarket and then realize you’ve got no glasses with you for reading? Yep, happens to me all the time! Furthermore, it’s frustrating to go back and forth between distance glasses and readers.  I had tried bifocals a long time ago and even progressive lenses with no success. The weird lines or transition always caused me imbalance and headaches. That said, there are some amazing new advances in eyewear that completely blow the old way of the water! Products like Varilux® and contact lens advancements are revolutionizing the way multi-need eye patients see. This means that the common eye changes that happen with age can more easily be corrected with glasses and contacts, providing better vision for longer.

Another helpful feature of advanced eyewear is fast clear technology, that helps with transitioning between varying lighting conditions. This can make reading in the park on a sunny day just as pleasurable as checking the calories on that tin of beans. Best of all, you won’t have to take them off while you’re moving from one place to the next.

Technologically Advanced Products That Help Ease Aging #4: Fitness Watch

If you ever get bogged down at work and then wonder where the day went, why not shake things up with a fitness watch? Most models offer several reminder systems to gently nudge you away from your desk. The first is an activity monitor that vibrates every hour to remind you to get up and move about. This is important for your posture, your stress management, and your eyes, so well worth doing.

Some models have the ability to track not only your movement and calories burned but your level of quality sleep. I believe this alone is a valuable tool to determine how well you rest and what things may be hindering good sleep. You can set fitness goals as well as monitor your progress in real time. I believe that using this technology only creates a way to be wiser and more experienced where health and wellness is concerned. Information can be empowering to us all whether for health or recreational purposes. 




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