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4 Ways To Detoxify Your Body And Environment

Though it’s impossible to live completely free from toxins, it is worth the effort to minimize our exposure where we can. You can look at it like purging or shedding the toxicity from our lives because we want to be clean and free from that which we don’t need. Know that toxin-free living will take some research and willingness to give up some products and actions we may have adopted long ago. You must decide what is more important, keeping the old ways and things or doing what it takes to detoxify your body and environment. Here are a few steps to get you started, but I recommend looking into it further.

Detoxify Your Body And Environment #1: Change Your Personal Products

One of the first ways you can live a more natural life is to change the products you use on your face and body. Have you ever taken the time to know what is in your skin care and personal products? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. The majority of women don’t know the first thing about things like phthalates and parabens and what harm they cause to health. These are just two examples of harmful chemicals that can be found in things like hair care, skin care, lotions, and makeup.

I recommend researching each ingredient and product on the skin deep website. Here you can compare various products and how they measure up in the toxic realm. They also have quality articles about how to live chemical free and what to look for in personal products.

Detoxify Your Body And Environment #2: Change Your Homecare Products

Just as with our bodies, our home requires products to stay clean and protected. Understand there are some products that contain harmful chemicals that can be avoided. Don’t knock DIY room sprays like these until you’ve tried them. Most women actually find they love natural essences more than canned air fresheners. Quality essential oils in a diffuser and Beeswax candles can all make for excellent natural replacements for mainstream brands.

Don’t stop at the fragrances either, give your cleaning supply stash a makeover as well. There are whole lines of natural products out there like Better Life products for all of your home care needs. Ask if the companies you’re considering have samples or trial products before you commit to full-sized products. You want to consider the functionality of the products as well as the health benefits. After all, you want your products to work.

Detoxify Your Body And Environment #3: Choose Cleaner Food

Going organic and all-natural can be too costly to do for some families. I recommend looking at what foods have a reputation as being dirty or riskier choices. There is a list called the “Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen” that is a helpful cheat sheet you can carry with you. It lists the foods you want to definitely buy organic and those you can get away with mainstream sources. 

Buying meats and produce through local farmers can also be a way to avoid higher costs and poor practices. Again, do research to find quality locals sources that have good reviews continually. Remember, you can change your exposure to chemicals, preservatives, and fillers by avoiding processed and pre-packaged foods. Yeah, all that convenience has a price that you pay with your health.

Detoxify Your Body And Environment #4: Don’t Forget Your Laundry Products

How many chemicals do you think you’re putting on your clothing every day via laundry products? It’s more than you think. Laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and even dryer sheets can be toxic to humans, especially to those who are sensitive. Towels, clothes, and blankets touch us 24/7, making them likely one of the most probable sources for toxic exposure. For more information, Dr. Mercola has some interesting articles on the topic. 

So, what do you use instead? Just as with other household cleaning products, there are companies who specialize in creating laundry products that are not harmful. Using wool dryer balls as a fabric softener is a good example of how you can detoxify your clothing care routine. Again, check to see if there are samples available to try before you buy.  


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