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4 Loving Ways To Work Through Relationship Challenges

No matter how in love you might be or how perfect your relationship is, you will inevitably need to work through relationship challenges. Because everyone’s personality is different as well as how they respond to various situations, there really isn’t any one way to handle things. However, I do believe there are certain actions we each can take to improve how we relate to others.

Though I do think that self-awareness and taking responsibility are keys to helping any relationships last and endure difficulty, it’s a balance of internal and external effort. Think about how amazing things could be if you both work on personal growth and growth as a couple? Yeah, pretty freakin’ amaze balls!!! Here are some of my top ways to stay on track with relationship challenges.

Work Through Relationship Challenges #1: Improve Your Communication

It’s important to understand that within a relationship– any relationship- quality communication is imperative for success. All relationships require clarity, openness, patience, and communication skill to be fulfilling and whole. All too often, we blame the other person for being or acting in a way that hurts us. And, yes, the other person does hold some of the responsibility for the relationship. However, no one is responsible for our feelings or happiness.

Work on Communication Alone and Together

I recommend that you take a course, read some books, hire a coach or counselor, and, of course, practice communicating. It’s like working a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Once you have some practical ways to improve your own skills, come together and practice what you’ve learned.

Work Through Relationship Challenges: Get Expert Advice and Guidance

Sometimes, relationships get hit hard or don’t quite make it back on the track. In these cases, it may be necessary to seek outside help to resolve and restore the balance. It’s important to seek help that works for both parties. A trusted spiritual leader, counselor, coach, or mediator might be the best sources for quality, unbiased advice. You could both listen to your spiritual leader’s most recent sermons on relationships or read any recommended books. Know that even with help, your effort and work ethic is what paves the road to success.

Work Through Relationship Challenges #3: Compromise

Being unable or unwilling to make a compromise is something that can spell trouble for any relationship. Whenever it becomes more important to be “right” than to be at peace in our relationships, we fall into a bog full of resentment, intolerance, and selfishness. Yeah, it’s that bad. It’s important that we communicate our needs and desires clearly. Equally imperative, we must listen to the other person’s viewpoint. Compromise is important so that both parties can be validated and feel loved.

Work Through Relationship Challenges #4: Be Present

Even though you may spend ample time in your relationships, are you really present? That means you are actively listening, participating, and engaging in what is happening at the moment. You aren’t daydreaming, thinking about work, distracted by a TV show or your phone, or planning what you’re going to say next. Being present takes practice and focus. Consider how much better you do at projects like writing, art, or work tasks when you are all there. You get better results that come faster and with more satisfaction.

Plan Quality Time

It also helps to plan quality time like a monthly date night when you can focus completely on the other. Put these times on your calendar and treat them like important appointments because they are. This is also a perfect way to know what your partner loves to do and how he or she wants to spend time with you.



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