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4 Ways To Set Off An Internal Spark Of Joy And Motivation

Understand, as we get older, joy and motivation can become stale or even non-existent. Though this can happen for many reasons, one possible connection is made with continual stress and burnout. When we undergo trial after trial, the energy and drive to “live” a full life can diminish. Improving life strength, mental flexibility, and adaptability, in this respect, can be about changing your mindset. However, it can also be about finding the right strategies and tools to work through challenges. Today, we will touch on a little of both. Here are a few ways to set off an internal spark of joy and motivation.

Be Clear About What You Want

It’s always important to know what your dreams and goals are. Losing touch with these things can knock you off course and create an unsatisfying life. I recommend thinking about where you are now in each area of your life (family, love life, career, health, spiritual, etc.) so you can set a course for where you want to be. Even if you are happy in all of these areas, I’m betting there are things you can improve to create more joy and satisfaction. Write down your dreams and goals and keep them close as you plot a new path to reach them.

Keep Your Mind Clear

When we start to look at stress, lack of motivation, and depression, it’s important to note that some of it may come from the outside. Excessive alcohol, OTC meds, pharmaceutical drugs, nicotine, caffeine, and a poor diet can change the chemicals and function of your brain. When this happens, it’s difficult to function normally, let alone be motivated and joyful.

Again, I recommend assessing where you are with these things. Are you unnecessarily clouding your brain with toxins? Talk to your doctor about how you might be able to clean things up a bit with your diet and any addictions you might have. It’s important to follow his/her recommendations about any medications you take.

You may also be able to use more natural products and therapies for ailments or pain. Companies such as EZlief provide products like CBD oil that has been shown to have positive benefits on a person’s ability to relax, curb pain, and feel better in general. 

Move More

It’s easy to see how modern life has led to less movement overall. Hell, we even pay people to go to the grocery for us now. What?!?! I’m not sure in all it’s “convenience” if it’s a good thing that we have become so unwilling to move our bodies. Ok, paying for these tasks to be done may award us more time to play with our kids or go to the gym, but are we really using the time in this way?

I’m not saying you can’t hang out on the couch and binge-watch Hallmark movies, however, do find a balance between movement and sedentary activities. The simple act of walking or stretching daily can help you feel better about yourself and your future. Self-care is important to foster self-love, which is at the core of joy and motivation.

Be Aware and Express Your Feelings

Part of developing joy, motivation, and resilience is self-awareness. This includes knowing how you feel about various areas of your life and situations. It’s also important to express your feelings to others through face to face contact. Yeah, this is something that is lacking these days with social media, email, and texting. Make an effort to plan live conversations with your loved ones. Chances are they need to express themselves, too.

How can we become more aware of those feelings?

First, it’s important to stop and listen to your body, mind, and spirit. What things are coming up for you and why? Take physical and mental symptoms seriously. There is a delicate balance between our beings and how we live our lives. If there are things you can change in your life that will create more joy and motivation, do it! How we feel about ourselves, others, situations, and our future can greatly affect our decisions and actions. This is why awareness and expression are so crucial.

As we start to develop new habits to make life-change, realize that it’s not a sprint. Clarity and life satisfaction takes time, and there will be bumps in the road. Take steps that make you happy above all else, and you will see the improvements you desire. 

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