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5 Endearing Rose Gifts To Express Your Love

Ahhh, the beautiful rose in all of its endearing sentiment, glorious aroma, and love-invoking promise. For centuries the rose has been a symbol of many things including purity, romance, hope, and commitment. It’s no wonder that it is one of the top items given to show love in many types of relationships. Personally, I love roses and always welcome them into my life in any form. Speaking of variety, here are some suggestions for rose gifts that show your love! Btw, I’ve randomly selected some real items that are for sale right now at Etsy.com with no benefit to me. 🙂

Traditional Red Rose

You might think that giving roses to your significant other is cliche and old-fashioned, but it isn’t something that is going away any time soon. In fact, we spent nearly twenty billion dollars in 2016 on just Valentine’s Day gifts. The market is steady and calls for over 200 million roses to be grown and cut a year for just one holiday. That doesn’t count all of the roses given on other days. One of the main reasons, however, is that an increasing number of people purchase gifts, including roses, for more than just their romantic partners.

That said, couples are still giving those famous and sentimental red roses to their partners. And it’s a good thing, I’m sure top divorce attorneys and marriage counselors could share a few secrets about why marriages ultimately fail. But we won’t go there today. Just remember, though giving your honey (man or woman) a rose might not solve relationship problems, it does send a thoughtful message that says, “Hey, I love you and thought of you today!).

Dipped Rose

A dipped rose is one of the most symbolic rose gifts available. After all, a dipped rose starts off a living rose, yet, the production process preserves its beauty and creates a lasting sentiment. Some popular materials in which to dip the roses are 24 ct gold, platinum, and high-gloss lacquer. They are usually available in varying colors and details. A good place to look for them is an artisan site like Etsy.com.

Rose-inspired Jewelry

You won’t have to look long and hard to find rose-inspired jewelry for any budget. From fine gemstones to inexpensive novelty items, the stores (online and traditional) cater to the enduring desire to give the likeness of this timeless flower. If you aren’t one to like the iconic rose of the past set in a necklace or ring, try to find something at artisan shops or have a special item custom made.

Rose Art

If you know someone who is absolutely in love with the rose, how about giving a piece of art that fits their decor. This can be a modern abstract piece or a lovely realistic rendering of a rural rose garden. If you are an artist or even a novice, paint or draw something special for your loved one. Don’t limit this idea to just painting either. The rose can be depicted in all sorts of creative ways. Consider a piece of furniture reupholstered in a fabric with large roses or maybe a lovely sculpture to put on the mantel. 


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