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6 Profitable And Rewarding Careers In Beauty

We are surrounded by depictions of beauty in magazines, film, music videos, and even art. It fuels our constant awareness of beauty trends and, unfortunately, thoughts that we, somehow, fall short. Though this isn’t always the case, the beauty industry globally is booming and worth over 500 billion dollars annually. 

Know that all that beauty-giving takes countless individuals to keep the beauty world alive and well. For many, it’s more than a job: it’s a rewarding vocation that helps others feel and look better. In so many cases, simple beauty treatments can change clients’ lives by revealing beautiful aspects that may have been hidden. If you are interested in pursuing a career in beauty, here are some profitable and rewarding options. 

Makeup Artist

Creative women who also love close-up work with clients might find makeup artistry rewarding. They often provide a variety of services ranging from everyday make-up, special events, and glam makeovers. Beauty brands also hire makeup artists to introduce new products and help customers learn how to use them. These employees generally work on commission, however. There are also opportunities in social media, film, TV, fashion shows, photoshoots, and even the music industry. 

Though there is pro training to become a makeup artist, many working in the industry today have worked their way into their careers with hard work and networking with the right people. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for those licensed in other beauty services to add makeup artistry to their repertoire, using and promoting private label skin care to supplement their income and gain notoriety in the industry.


There are not many things that make a woman feel as beautiful as she does after a good cut or color by a professional hairstylist. That is why, once clients find the right one, they never want to lose her/him. That in-demand stylist could be you with the right training and dedication to the art. Look for the best cosmetology schools in your area with excellent reviews. To further narrow your picks, decide what you want to specialize in, such as women’s haircuts, color, or working in fashion or media. If possible, try to find actual working stylists and ask where they went to school. 


A colorist is somebody who specializes in coloring hair. Sometimes they work independently and rent space from a salon but can also be employees. Coloring is usually a lot more complicated than other hair treatments, as there are so many products and everyone’s hair is different. For that reason, these professionals typically have to attend additional courses and seminars to master their craft. They can earn more than a stylist, but it all depends on their work’s technicality and their prominence in the local area. 

Salon Owner

Salon ownership might be a long-term goal if you love the business side of the beauty industry. However, operating as an independent contractor, who rents space from a salon is enough for the majority of service providers. Successful owners need to be good at what they do for clients but also savvy at running a business and managing people. The financial rewards tend to be much higher but so is the risk and stress. 

Massage Therapist

While massage therapy is a little different from the examples we’ve discussed above, it is yet another thing that you can use to improve the appearance of your clients. For instance, facial massages can help loosen up tight muscles on the face, reducing the signs of wrinkles. Effective back and body massages can improve posture and enable people to walk more confidently and with less pain. 


An esthetician provides various services, which could include waxing, applying makeup, and even offering some medial treatments with the right training. Estheticians often focus on the face, but their work can also encompass the entire body. They provide full-body treatments for both women and men, facials, and other types of massage that focus primarily on aesthetics.



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