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5 Fulfilling Careers That Give Back To Society

***This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. Finding the perfect job is not always easy. Many women, especially young adults, struggle for years to enter careers that use their unique skills and fulfill their spirits. Many are forced to take positions that are convenient and simply pay the bills. Still, that small voice speaks frequently about wanting more than just a job. Fortunately, this could be a reality by looking in the right places. I’ve compiled a list of 5 popular fulfilling careers that give back to society.

Fulfilling Careers #1: Teaching

career paths that give back to societyA career in teaching might be one of the most fulfilling jobs you could ever do. It’s an opportunity to pour into the minds and hearts of others. I remember well the teachers who put their souls into their jobs. They changed my life. If you are talented at connecting with people and sharing ideas, you should consider this career path. How much more exciting to land a position teaching in an industry that you are passionate about!

Fulfilling Careers #2: Charity Work

Another career path that just might fulfill your desire to give back is charity work. This field is also abundant with various types of jobs. Fundraising, for example, involves both frontline and office work. This could be a fulfilling move for you if you have skills like, speaking, finance, office management, visual communication, sales, and even a legal background.  There are even more niches within charitable organizations, like becoming a chef or a social director.

You could look into the work done by a charity like The Dwoskin Family Foundation if you want a better idea about some of the ways that people get involved in charity. There are multiple avenues for this, so look into them before making a final decision!

Fulfilling Careers #3: Social Work

If it’s job satisfaction you are craving, then consider social work. Once again, there are a huge variety of roles and entry routes, including apprenticeships and training programs.

There are plenty of diverse opportunities in most cities. Furthermore, with the rising need for quality social workers, you could likely find a position that suits your passions. You could focus on children, senior care, mental health issues, those affected by poverty or any other support area. If there’s a particularly vulnerable group that you’re interested in helping, a career in social work provides the kind of fulfillment that’s difficult to match elsewhere.

Fulfilling Careers #4: Green Energy

With climate change concerns mounting, working for renewable energy companies is a great of way of giving back to the global community. If you have a scientific background, you could take part in cutting-edge research that helps the development of green technology, including solar, wind, and geothermal energy. However, even if your talents lie elsewhere, green tech firms are recruiting in PR, management, and many other areas.

Fulfilling Careers #5: Emergency Services

careers that give back to societyWorking in emergency services can be appealing to thrillseekers, who dream of rescuing those in need. But, most employees in this field find satisfaction that they are a part of changing lives in general. What’s more, police departments, fire services, and ambulance crews are often one of the biggest recruiters in any given area. This is an area that you must explore wisely, however. Make sure that you are mentally and physically up for the challenging demands of this type of work.

It’s never too late to start pursuing the career of your dreams or one of many careers that give back to society. I encourage you to consider changing your life path if you have a realization later on. Whether it’s going back to get a public health degree, or simply exploring something you’ve always wanted to do. And if having a career that gives back to society is a dream, it’s worth pursuing. 


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