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5 Helpful Ways To Navigate Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is something that is neither talked about nor accepted as it is for men. In fact, it usually slips through the cracks of society and leaves its victims feeling horrible, ugly, and isolated. Yeah, it can be that bad. I have experienced some mild hair loss due to illness and it hasn’t been easy. My heart goes out to ladies who lose the majority or all of their hair. 

On top of feeling self-conscious, hair loss sufferers can become depressed and retract from normal activities. And it can be challenging to find ways to feel confident again. That said, I’ve made a shortlist of some practical things you can do to navigate hair loss. 

Understand Why It’s Happening

There are many different reasons why a woman might lose her hair.  Some primary causes are illness, medications, hormone imbalance, and stress. In some of these cases, the hair loss may be reversible and helped with topical and internal treatments, lifestyle changes, and illness recovery.

Consult your doctor or dermatologist about your hair loss. This is especially important if the hair loss is severe or sudden because it could indicate an underlying medical condition. Knowing what is happening will enable you to move forward with acceptance or tools to improve the condition.

Try a Hair Loss Treatment

If your particular hair loss can be stopped or reversed, there are many options available to help nourish your hair, scalp, and body. Again, consult your physician if you want to use products like Rogaine or others with a chemical component. 

There are other more natural options as well. You can start by nourishing your body from the inside by eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, quality fats, and taking a good multivitamin. Your doctor may also recommend other supplements like biotin and collagen. 

Additionally, there are topical treatments for the hair that will nourish the scalp and unclog your hair follicles. I recommend asking your haircare professional for some advice about what brands to use. She/he can also let you know if you are experiencing new hair growth after trying various treatments.

Find Support

As women’s hair loss isn’t spoken about as much as it is with men, it can feel like you are the only person experiencing it. But that is simply not the case. I recommend finding a hair loss support group on social media or near you. If your loss is due to a particular illness, you can start by contacting an organization such as The American Cancer Society. 

Talk about It

Talking about your hair loss to trusted family and friends can help you release negative emotions and accept what has happened. You may also come up with some ideas to make it better or, at least, cope with it. Your loved ones will assure you that you are a beautiful woman no matter what, and losing your hair won’t change that.

You may also want to see a therapist or counselor. It’s okay to need emotional help because, for many women, hair is a huge part of their appearance and confidence. Losing it can be devastating.

Get Creative

Unless you have lost most or all of your hair, you can work with what you have. Ask your hairstylist what cut or style would help to conceal the loss or make it more attractive. There are also thickening products that can give your hair the appearance of being fuller. 

If you are still uncomfortable about your hair loss, get creative with wigs, hats, scarves or even hair tattoo for girls. Any of these options are completely acceptable and can actually give you back some confidence and control over the situation. Who knows, you may come to love your new look!



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