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5 Steps That Help You Successfully Quit Smoking

If you’ve wanted to quit smoking but don’t know where to begin, know there are many resources out there to help. You need to want to quit more than you want to smoke. Yeah, it sounds simple, but there are challenges. If it were that easy, more people would do it. Know that you may be successful the first time you try or you may not.  The point is that you take action and make an effort to accomplish your goals where smoking is concerned. And the sooner you do it, the better your health outlook will be.

Visit Your Doctor 

When looking for tips and short cuts to quitting smoking, I recommend consulting with your healthcare provider first. Although he/she can’t make it completely challenge-free, there may be some medications and advice that will make it a little easier. A doctor can certainly advise you about nicotine patches and OTC products and give you all the information about pharmaceutical drugs for nicotine cessation. For a guide to seeing a doctor about smoking, visit this site. 

Make a Plan

Once you have spoken to a professional, make a plan and set some achievable goals. This will include things like a smoking schedule, how many cigarettes you can have in a day, calculating how much money you will save, and other things like health goals and dreams. Although writing everything down might be a little overwhelming at first, it’s helpful for tracking progress.

Identify Craving Triggers

Another important thing to do when ending a habit such as smoking is to identify your triggers or associations. Being a former smoker myself, I understand there are certain things that increase your need or desire for a smoke. Mine triggers were drinking coffee, alcohol, or socializing, as well as stress. Recognizing these things will help you to avoid them during the cut-down or quitting period. 

Although you may have specific triggers, the bottom line is you also have an addiction to the chemicals in the cigarettes. So your body will definitely tell you when it wants to smoke regardless of what you’re doing. 

Consider Smoking Alternatives

If you want to quit smoking cigarettes or cut good down on the amount of nicotine you’re getting, vaping could be a good place to start. The nicotine juice can be reduced gradually over a period of time, making it easier to control. As harmful as it can be to you to use any nicotine product, vaping is still a better alternative to inhaling smoke and the chemicals in cigarettes. 

Find Alternative Things to Do

As mentioned above, finding alternative coping methods is important. You need to think about what you could do instead of smoking. From going for a walk to fixing yourself something to eat, having something else to do with your body and mind is imperative for long-term success. Even sleeping more will help you to pass the needed time your body needs to pass the nicotine withdrawal. Check out a guide to things you can do instead of smoking here or online.



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