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5 Tips For Getting A Hollywood Smile

Are you dreaming of having pearly white, straight teeth? I understand, considering the perfect smiles that parade before us in the movies, on TV, and in magazines. Know that it’s within your grasp to get a Hollywood smile if you have the money and commitment to superior oral care. If not, work on getting the best smile you can by taking care of the teeth you have. But if you are truly set on getting a Hollywood smile, here are several tips!

See Your Dentist Regularly

For overall excellent oral hygiene, it’s crucial that you see your dentist for regular checkups and oral care. It’s best to follow their plan for your specific case because we are all different. If you need a new dentist, consider checking out reputable offices like Blacks Fork Dental or other local dentists. Look for ones that offer all modern dental treatments, reasonable pricing, and flexible schedules. 

Have Your Teeth Whitened

Speaking of keeping your teeth pearly white, it’s easier than ever these days. You can, of course, get professional whitening treatments from your dentist, which is the best and most recommended method. However, you can buy whitening kits off the shelf or from online retailers. Just make sure you get a quality product from a reputable vendor, and always use as instructed. Or you might only need tooth whitening toothpaste such as Colgate Optic White.

Get a Hollywood Smile with Veneers

  Veneers are a trendy way to make your smile pop and shine. When your teeth are only slightly out of place, veneers can give the appearance of straight teeth without the need for braces or clear aligners. You could also use them to close spaces between your teeth. Veneers can be used to fix a wide range of dental problems but can also give you a better smile for confidence. They usually come with a high price tag, but if you take good care of your veneers and they’re good quality, they can last up to thirty years.

Consider Laser Dentistry

You can get modern laser dentistry to really take your smile to another level. Lasers are used to reshape gums to make them look more symmetrical. This gum contouring helps you change the shape and look of your gums, getting you closer to that Hollywood smile! Treatments can also stop gum disease from getting worse or help gums that are too big. Lastly, laser dentistry is quick, doesn’t hurt, and is a great alternative if you’re afraid of intrusive metallic dental instruments.

Keep Up Excellent Oral Hygiene

Of course, none of the available cosmetic treatments are worth doing if you don’t practice good oral hygiene. Some cosmetic treatments will just end up costing you more if not cared for properly. So if you want a Hollywood smile, you need to play your part…pun unintended. Brush your teeth twice per day, always use mouthwash and floss, and avoid harmful substances like illicit drugs, smoking, and excessive alcohol.

Getting a Hollywood smile might take you some time if you need dental procedures and alignment that can take years. That said, if you don’t start working toward it, you will never have one. Work on doing a little at a time if your budget is tight. And always take care of your teeth whether you like them or not.


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