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5 Ways Small Business Owners Master Their Time

As a small business owner, one of your biggest assets is your time. Of course, money is also important, but if you lose it, you always have the opportunity to earn it back. When time is gone, it’s gone. Furthermore, time does also translate as money in many cases. The truth is you can be a brilliant businesswoman with great ideas, but without good time-management, they can get lost without any positive outcome. Here are some ways small business owners master their time.

Ways Small Business Owners Master Their Time #1: They Write Everything Down

The first thing that sets successful businesswomen apart from the pack is they write everything down. As sharp as any of us can be, it pays to keep your affairs in order by recording them on paper or digitally. I have often kept not only a digital calendar but a desk one and a whiteboard that details my day. Doing so gives us a better chance of completing tasks on time and not missing important dates and meetings. Post-it® notes are my best friend, too!

Ways Small Business Owners Master Their Time #2: They Identify Time-Wasting Activities

Mastering your time means successfully being able to organize tasks into categories that make sense for you and your business. One might be money-making tasks, another recreation, and another training. No matter what you fill your day with, it’s important to identify areas and activities that chisel away at your time. Many businesswomen have trouble balancing personal time with professional time. Others may find it impossible to tear themselves away from social media or other online activities. Know that knowledge is power. You need to know what is stealing your time! Successful business owners cut out distractions

Ways Small Business Owners Master Their Time #3: They Prioritize Tasks

Before starting each day, it’s vital to know which tasks are the most important and which tasks can wait. Though some things take a lot of time, if you’re the only person who can do them, these are important and need your attention. Separate jobs into ones you need to complete personally, and ones that you can delegate. I also find that it helps to complete the important and more difficult tasks early on to get them out of the way. This saves you time wasted worrying and stressing over challenges.

Ways Small Business Owners Master Their Time #4: They Delegate 

You can’t and shouldn’t do everything on your own. Delegating is a secret weapon of successful business owners. This obviously means you need some competent employees or trusted vendors to which to turn. For example, you could invest in remote answering services to answer your phones if you lack the staff. When you delegate what you can, you’ll have a lot more time free to focus on what really matters.

Ways Small Business Owners Master Their Time #5: They Say No

Disappointing others is hard, which is why most people find it difficult to say no to things, even when they’re swamped. Despite this, as a business owner, saying no is imperative for success. Staying on focus and task is one of the most crucial things leaders must master. Furthermore, it pays to teach those you employ and mentor to do the same. This is not that you can’t make exceptions when needed, but be mindful of your time and energy. Saying no is using boundaries wisely. 



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