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6 Good Reasons To Consider A New Job/Career

Did you know that the average woman changes her job or career at least once every ten years? When we’re 18, we’re expected to choose our path in college for the rest of our lives. Now, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t in a position to make that kind of call at 18. After all, what works and seems appealing at that age may not later in life. Unfortunately, this can put us in jobs and careers that we don’t really want. And, yes, it’s OK to feel that way. Here are some good reasons to consider a new job/career. 

Reasons To Consider A New Job/Career #1: Opportunity Arises

You stayed at your job to learn and grow. It’s a good job and even pays well. However, an opportunity has presented itself for greater challenge and upward mobility. Perhaps, you even have the chance to move across the country or world. Life is presenting something amazing, but you don’t want to seem flakey by leaving your current job. This is one of those circumstances when you have to weigh out the pros and cons. Consider what you have to gain by staying, as well as going.

Reasons To Consider A New Job/Career #2: Interest Changes/Bored

How bored are you right now? If you find yourself procrastinating work, hiding on Facebook or losing interest in your job, you may need to move on. There’s no use in staying somewhere you’re not happy. I do recommend searching for and securing a new position before you put in your notice, however.

You might also consider contacting an agency that specializes in your industry. For example, this data storage recruitment agency might help you locate a top notch job you wouldn’t have access to on your own. 

Reasons To Consider A New Job/Career #3: Industry Changes

A recession or a severe shift in trends or technology can kill an entire industry. If you have a keen foresight and see things changing drastically, you might consider looking now. I do also recommend talking to your employers about what you believe is happening. Chances are they have already felt the shift and may be putting some things in place to ride it out. In this case, you might be better off sticking it out. Whatever you do, be informed on all levels and choose what works for you.

Reasons To Consider A New Job/Career #4: Health Changes

Perhaps, you have had an illness or accident that left you unable to do what you once could. It’s important to take care of yourself first. With the help of your healthcare professionals, assess what you can do or how much time you may need to recover. You can make an informed decision about job and career changes from there. It may also be an opportunity to make a change you’ve always wanted.

Reasons To Consider A New Job/Career #5: Stress/Workload Changes

You may have loved your job when you started some years ago. However, your stress level and workload could have changed drastically over time. If this isn’t something you can work out with your employers, consider searching for a new job or career. Again, this shift could be an opportunity to change the course of your career for the better. 

Reasons To Consider A New Job/Career #6: Money Changes

As our lives change with growing family needs and lifestyle shifts, your once financially fulfilling position might not cut it anymore. This could be true even if you are a two income family. Instead of getting a second job, consider moving to a more lucrative job that will sustain you for some years to come. It really is a natural progression if there is no room for growth at your current company.



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