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6 Important Action Steps To Rock Any Business Event

This post was a collaboration and may contain affiliate links. Getting the company name out there is a number one priority for business owners all around the world. There are so many ways to do this that you can actually get overwhelmed with all the choices. And, while online marketing is extremely prevalent, sometimes hosting or attending an old-fashioned live business event could be exactly what you need. Live events also have different formats to consider including exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, and conferences. Whichever type of event you decide to either host, attend or exhibit at, be well prepared so you make the most of the occasion. Here are 7 important action steps to rock any business event.

Rock Any Business Event #1: Do Your Research

There is no point attending an event if you have no idea who will be there and what the main focus is going to be. Make sure to research a wide range of different events before you settle on one in which to invest your time and money. Start by taking a look at the host’s website, as well as reading blogs and watching videos. When they are available, take a look at visitor and exhibitor lists and research the other companies that will be in attendance. All this goes for hosting your own event, too. Research your market, their needs, and how you can most benefit them.

Rock Any Business Event #2: Work Out Your Goals

Another factor that will help influence your decision about events is establishing your goals. Are you attending or hosting an event in order to launch a new product or simply pick up a few new business contacts? Do you see the difference? Once you have established your goals, you can plan accordingly. Any projections you can make about potential business that may come from such events will help you to weigh out the cost.

Rock Any Business Event #3: Prepare Your Exhibition

If you are actually exhibiting at an event, prepare your showing at the earliest possible opportunity. If you get this right, you are more likely to attract your ideal clients and customers. Work out how much space you have and plan to use it wisely. Consider your logistics if the show is out of town. How will you get your products there safely? You may want to also prepare for emergencies such as broken or lost items. I recommend using a professional service if you need it to be perfect. Check out products from New World Case, Inc. for your sensitive shipping needs.

Create a memorable experience for everyone who stops by. You can use product demonstrations, video or interactive touch points. Even if you are not exhibiting, you should be well prepared with plenty of business cards and other marketing materials for people to take away with them.

Rock Any Business Event #4: Pre-Event Marketing

After you have decided on the event to attend and have fully prepared your exhibition, start with your pre-event marketing. Let your mailing list, vendors, and colleagues know you are either exhibiting at or hosting an event. Create a buzz around your theme and goals. Next, start talking about your involvement on social media and follow the accounts that have been created for the event. Engage in conversation with other business owners that are also attending the event. This is good networking and will payoff for you.  Also, writing blogs about your involvement will build interest and keep your clients and customers in the loop. You could hold a sale or special deal for your readers.

Rock Any Business Event #5: Deliver Talks and Presentations

If you have been asked to speak at a business conference or other similar event, make sure your presentation is well-prepared. Plan out the main points to cover and practice in the mirror. If you have a slideshow, be creative and use interesting graphics and modern color combos. Make sure you won’t have any typos or glitches in the presentation. Also, be prepared to answer questions.

Rock Any Business Event #6: Follow-Up

Arrange some meetings to discuss with your staff how you plan to follow up on all the leads generated from the event and online marketing. Definitely, send out thank yous to those who gave you contact information. You could even follow up with a phone call or suggest a live meeting for your most promising leads. Hopefully, the event generates some interesting topics for your social media page and blog. Your followers and customers will love hearing about the details and fun things that happened.

Preparing for a business event is certainly as important as actually attending the event in the first place. It’s just smart business and positions you to make the most of your opportunities.

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