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90 Day Health Challenge: Week 11

A Positive Journey

Sorry about missing last week’s post for week 10; I had a busy few days of helping with decor for an event.  Anyway, as the three month period of the health challenge comes to a close next week, I am asking myself if I feel any better than I did when I started.  The answer is definitely yes!  Though I haven’t completed everything that I wanted to, my body has responded to the changes that I did make.  Here is a list of the positive things that have happened as a result of focusing on my health.

1.  My chronic headache condition is much better.  I haven’t had a daily headache in over 2 weeks as a result of some changes in diet and meds, which means that I take way less OTC drugs on a daily basis.  No migraine headaches as of late either.

2.  I have more energy.

3.  My memory is much better than it was 3 months ago.

4.  I realize how important it is to focus on some aspect of your health daily.

5.  I lost five pounds. (I still have a week left to go for a few more).

6.  My skin looks creamier and the texture is finer.  I switched to all organic, natural personal care products.

7.  I have more health confidence.Reaching_for_the_Top_by_Gullible

8.  Exercise is more consistent.

9.  I get over viruses faster.

10.  I’m sleeping better.

Reaching Higher

I plan on continuing my quest for better health as I understand that it is a lifestyle that must be followed, not just a diet or a short period of change.  I am planning on seeking the advice of my trusted health care providers to help me reach even higher levels of health.  I have purchased the books that Dr. Lamse recommended on Enzyme therapy and plan to pursue that treatment for overall physical health.  I will let you know how it goes.  Until then, be well-be beautiful!  I’m planning on it!

Photo one by 50 Minutes; photo two by Gullible

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