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Holding On and Letting Go


Usually, I do so much introspection that it isn’t a struggle to share my thoughts with you come Sunday morning.  For some reason the words “holding on and letting go” kept running through my head as I struggled to decide what to write about.  After some deliberation, I stopped fighting the insistent phrase and started typing.


As women we inevitably face choices.  Ones that are hard and ones that require little thought, if any at all – life’s opportunities.  We either have the opportunity to change something or allow it to remain the same.  We hold on or we let go with every choice.  Depending on the emotion about which they bring, choices are either hard or they are easy (I know this has a point; stay with me).

Ready, Get Set, Go

This three word prerequisite to a child’s spontaneous foot race is a good example of how we should go about making things happen in our lives.  Being “ready” is the first thing that anyone has to do in order to even move.  Getting “set” is another word for “make preparations” for the new situation in which you are about to enter.  Go just means get to it.  Some women get this backwards (even me) and either skip the prep and “go” way too soon or they stay in the prep stage thinking that after every thing is perfect, they can then act.  I hope someone out there is getting this.  It’s hitting home with me.

These unfortunate mix-ups are really just stalling tactics to letting go of something – a denial of the grieving process.  I know you’ve heard the saying “whenever a door shuts, a window opens”.  It’s true.  When we let go of something that is hurting us or is just too much to carry, we in turn open ourselves up for something new – something better.  Remember “ready, get set, go.  We must do this in the right order if we want the right results.

Holding On to the Good

Just as letting go of the bad is important, we must hold on to the things that are truly good.  Dreams and life goals are prime examples of this.  Picture trying to save a loved one from falling over a cliff; you’re grip is tight and superhuman because you don’t want to lose them.  You would do anything to not let go.  Are you that determined to hang on to your dreams?  It takes  physical stamina and even emotional fortitude to hold on to something that is heavy.  It’s work; but what is worth having is worth the extra effort.

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”

˜William Feather

Just think about what your holding on to and why.  Also, ask yourself if you should be letting go of some things that are causing some bad stuff in your life.  Let us know if we can help or if you just need to share your thoughts on this topic.  Be well-be beautiful

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One comment

  1. This is all so true Kellie. I often catch myself wanting things to be absolutely perfect before I ‘go’ and forget that a major part of the learning happens in the ‘going’.

    And really, the average person does not expect me to be perfect. My own inhibitions and perfectionist attitudes hold me back from becoming the person I’m meant to be.

    It’s sometimes hard to let go of negative things, memories, people, and circumstances. We even feel guilty at times if we start to let go of the emotion attached to them. What happened was significant. It deserves the attention doesn’t it?

    Yes. And no. It deserves to be remembered but it does not need to control our life and keep us back from taking off on our ‘run’.

    There are many techniques that can help people overcome this if they struggle with it. My favorite is EFT but I’m sure your readers know of others.

    Gosh when I sat down to comment I didn’t know I was going on a tangent. I’d be interested to see a post on techniques for dealing with the past when someone has already done all the forgiving and are ready to move on.

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